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Thoughts on Name Change

I am just wondering what everyone is thinking on changing their name?  Are you staying the same or changing and why?  If you are changing, how are you changing it (i.e., change to his, hyphenated, keep maiden as middle & take his, etc)?

Have any of you (or know someone) who has kept their name and just added his last name too (without a hyphen)?  How does this work for you?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated as I am getting married in 11 days and am trying to figure out what to do.



Re: Thoughts on Name Change

  • monkey0919monkey0919 member
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    I kept my maiden name as a second middle name.  No reason other than I'm fond of my name.  No problems for me.  Actually, it turned out well b/c one of my W9s still had my maiden name.  The tax guy said it was good I still had my maiden name along with my married name or else I could have issues getting my refund.  So yeah.  That's it.  No issues.
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    I'm taking his name; I never really thought about not doing that.  I think when we have kids it'll make it easier and I really like his last name so it worked out! I asked my fiance, just out of curiosity, if he would be upset if i didn't take his name and he said that if it was really important to me to keep mine he'd be okay with it.  Is there a particular reason you don't want to take your fiance's name??
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    I'll be taking my FIs.  I don't really like my last name or his actually but it's the easiest thing to do in the long run for me.  There are plenty of male relatives to carry on the name. 

    Strangely, mom cared for a bit that I was changing it.  There was also no way in hell i would have kept mine and added his.  Both of ours are hard to spell and pronounce.

    There is nothing wrong with keeping yours though!  I don't know anyone personally who has kept theirs but a lot of girls on TK make their maiden name their middle name versus the hyphen, which can get lengthy and complicated. 
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    Thanks for your thoughts girls.  I don't have anything against hist name at all....I just have a rather big attachment to my name...I didn't realize quite how much until the thought of changing it started adding further to my stress and anxiety levels (which are already extremely high as my wedding is in 10 days).
    I have come to realize that part of my attachment to my name stems from the fact that I am quite independent and I guess never really pictured being without my name.  The other rather large part of the attachment comes from the fact that I am really close to my family and I lost my dad about 2 1/2 years ago (he was only 49) and I feel like my name is even more of an attachment to my family so I hate to part with it.
    We had a long talk last night and after a little fighting, a few tears, and a lot of discussion, we came to the conclusion that he is okay with me having both last names if it makes me happy.
    So what I plan to do is be Marie Lynn Maiden Name His Last Name.  I'm not going to put in the hyphen and just have 2 last names (hopefully it is okay to do this - from what I have gathered it is okay).  I plan to continue to go by my maiden name at work and at school (I am an MBA student) and will go by his last name socially.

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    Sounds like a plan, Stan!  I'm glad you guys were able to figure it out. 
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    I'm undecided...BUT my sister who has been married for 6 years...and just changed her name last summer and ONLY because they had a baby. Here thought initially was, "why do I have to change my name"...then when the baby came she wanted that for the baby...she thought that down the road when the baby is in school it may be confusing for mommy and daddy to have different last names (o:

    Hope this helps
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