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I am throwing a engagment party for my friend, but i want it to be classy.. have any theme ideas?

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    Ditto pp.. I would just skip having an actual theme for an e-party. Our e-party was just a cocktail party with hors d'ouevres and we loved it. The hosts used our wedding colors we had picked out for decorations and even the drink colors, but didn't go over the top. Focus more on good food and good drinks then trying to stick to a certain theme.
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    I would suggest colors as well. For my best friend's wedding, I asked her and her future hubby what they might want. When asked, the bride and groom suggested champagne and black and I didn't get decorations per say, but did have food/drinks/plates/napkins in those colors. It gave the party a sense of unity and class without being theme-y.

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    Theme:  "Celebrate friend and her new FI's engagement." 

    or Hello Kitty.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    [QUOTE]Theme:  "Celebrate friend and her new FI's engagement."  or Hello Kitty.
    Posted by trix1223[/QUOTE]

    <div>I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I would die and go to heaven.</div><div>
    </div><div>OP: I like the 'colors' idea. It would help to know the time of day & type of event you're planning. Example: wine tasting, easy to make "classy." Having a selection of wines & cheeses with little notes about how each taste and recommended pairings, also easily  "classy." </div><div>Are you trying to avoid kitch or have the event be 'a notch above?'</div>
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