Country Wedding?

I am looking for a cheap country wedding with a barn setting in southern maine or southern new hampshire. Any ideas out there?

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    Did you check out Broadturn Farm in Scarborough?
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    I was looking for the same thing and searched extensively...I mean hours and hours of looking.  I found tons of beautiful places but the cheapest I found in the Southern Maine area was around $3000 to $4000 for just the venue.  When you add chairs, tables, etc on top of that they were out of our budget. 

    If you don't mind sharing what your price range is for the venue I may be able to suggest some that I looked at.
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    I agree with Caseynette.. I did alot of searching and couldn't find anything in our budget.
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    I tried this route too with no luck (we also have a small budget). Its funny how "country wedding" is supposed to mean simpler (there one would think more affordable) then a big city ordeal... but it seems to be the opposite!
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    We ended up booking Echo Hill In St. George (just outside of Rockland).  We rented it from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon for $1500.  The rental includes chairs and tables.  The building gives the barn type feel and the grounds are pretty- wooded with a small pond. 

  • A really good way to find a venue is to look for horseback riding facilities and things like that. Often you can find places that have things set up when they do small festivals in october for pumpkins or christmas etc. Alot of time you can talk to them and even though they have never rented their space for a wedding that can work in your favor. You can often get it for cheaper because they don't know what money they are looking at. So you can try calling around. It cant hurt any.
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