wedding website and registry dates???

We have decided to get married in NY, a destination wedding for us and have a small group, mostly family coming. A week later, we are having a ceremony and large reception at home. Should the wedding website have the destination date or the date of the reception that most people will be at? I am afraid we will confuse people so I am not sur what to do.
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  • Thanks for your feedback.... We are having a second ceremony at home because we wanted to do something special for our family members that can't make the trip to our DW. Also,my FI has 2 children and we wanted to have a sand ceremony and something that felt more like a wedding here at home.

  • If you want to have a ceremony at home that your family can attend, then why bother with a DW?
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    [QUOTE]If you want to have a ceremony at home that your family can attend, then why bother with a DW?
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  • I think you're going to confuse people so I'd just be direct on the wedding website:

    We will be married on xx date with close friends and family.
    Please join us to celebrate our marriage on xx date.

    There's a reason this is confusing - there's a way to have a private ceremony and a party following, but this isn't it.
  • You want to get married in New York City?

    I have this lovely 7 room apartment on the UES that you just would love to rent!
  • I agree; I don't understand why you are doing a DW in NY if you really want to have a larger wedding with family at home. Just do that with a larger reception lilke planned but scratch the DW. Like a PP suggested, perhaps honeymoon there or just take a vacay there? I guess I don't get why you also want the DW.

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    hey, summer2011, could you please shut up!  I'm trying to drum up some business here!
  • OOT, why don't you VRBO her for her HM if the DW plan is scrapped?
  • VRBO?

    I'm kinda afraid to ask what that is
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