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  • FI got the Job!

    I have to not so humbly brag on my FI, but I can't tell anyone personally yet so here I am telling my TK friends!

    FI has been at the same job over 4 years without a raise. To make a long story shorter the company he works for has been going through some financial issues and his boss is his father so he has been putting up with a lot more crap than he normally would. He is 100% underpaid and since their QA moved a year ago he has also absorbed those responsibilities with no extra compensation. 

    Well yesterday he accepted a new job! This job is such an amazing opportunity for him and he will be making DOUBLE his current salary. I am so proud of him for getting out there, applying, and killing it at his interview! He is also excited because this job he can move up in and grow with the company, previously this was not an option. 

    Side note though- When he gave his 2 weeks his dad was pretty upset, even though he knew FI was applying and got the offer. I wish he could have put aside his feelings as a boss and been a proud father to FI because all night last night FI was worried about if he is screwing his dad over. 

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  • Re: Just need to vent! (Lazy groomsmen and wedding guests)

    Adding "not to offend anyone" does not keep it from being offensive.
  • Re: Insert for Shuttle?

    Thank you all again. I really appreciate all the points that were brought up. FI and I talked it over last night and I think we are going to give the shuttle from the hotel to reception and back a try.

    His idea was to just print up a business card sized insert to put with the invites to let our guests know about the shuttle and then just book the largest to cover our guest list. We just won't worry about getting a head count and make sure there is room for everyone. 

    @ahoywedding I really like your idea of the shuttle leaving at certain times back to the hotel. We are thinking right after cake cutting (about 8ish) then 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30pm.

  • Re: Insert for Shuttle?

    So you have many OOT guests? I'll make the case for a shuttle, I travel to pretty much every wedding and if I don't have to rent a car that's great. If you have a number of guests from out of town or if your town doesn't have great cabs/Lyft/Uber availability a shuttle is really useful. If it's continuously running and it's only 15 minutes, sure people might have to wait a bit but not everyone leaves a wedding at the same time. I think overbooking would work fine. 

    We do have a lot of OOT guests. They will mostly drive in though and have their own cars, I only know of 2 couples that will fly in. The city the wedding is in has Uber, but the town the reception is in does not so I don't believe that's an option. You make good points though...
  • Re: Insert for Shuttle?

    Thank you all, I might just scrap this idea. Looks like I got ahead of myself before working out the details. I'll check into adding another type of beer and/or wine instead.  

    @CMGragain Small world! Okoboji is where my MOH is planning to take me for my bachelorette party. We love it up there!