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  • Re: Best places to look for Bridesmaids dresses?

    Please just make sure that if you pick an online site the girls can try on before they buy. I've ordered from weddington way and azazie as a BM and one makes you pay to try on and one has no sample program.  It sucks.  
  • Re: Chilewich Dahlia Placemats

    Not exactly the same, but Walmart sells very similar ones for $.98 apiece
  • Re: Transportation! Not sure where else this can go

    Are you providing your own alcohol or is it through a caterer/venue?  If you're providing, often you ARE liable.  Just read your contracts carefully.  It's very easy to get a supplemental liability insurance policy for a reasonable price.

    ETA: that being said, it is absolutely not your responsibility to provide transportation.  The insurance policy isn't cheap and gave us a little More comfort around the subject.
  • Re: Wedding party size issue?

    Even if people notice (I always notice the bridal party, they're standing right up front....) I would never think it was strange or wrong to not have even parties.
  • Re: 17 mo old flower girl.

    OP, will the girl be 17 months old at the time of your wedding, or is that how old she is now? I can't seem to get that clear.  If she's 17 months now and the wedding is not for a year or something, I don't think it's ridiculous to ask her (well, ask her mom).  You see her often and seem close so it makes sense.  

    I think what many other posters are responding to is your insistence on having a FG/RB regardless of who it is and bc "omg they're so cute".  From your posts it sounds like you're more interested in having SOMEONE fill the roles you want, not that you want specific children in the wedding and it really should be the other way around.  

    Again, I think if she's 17 months now and you're wedding is not for awhile, it may be ok.  I also think this kid makes more sense to ask because you have an actual relationship with her.  

    FWIW, literally no one will notice if you don't have children in your wedding party if you decide to go that route.