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    Aaaaaaand we just bought the condo!  Took my H 1/2 hour to sign.  My closing was from 10-5, legit (it was a short sale).
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    @starmoon44, woohoo! have fun
    @kvruns, yeah that's bad on them to not tell their guests.  tropical = destination I take it? 

    So far we have Insidious and Paddington 2 lined up for the weekend. lol.  Two completely opposite movies. Then I have to get up at 4 a.m. on Monday for my surgery. eeek!  I'm first in, which is what I wanted but didn't think it required a 4 a.m. wake up call.
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    @misskittydanger, I hope baby cooperates!
    @short+sassy, I feel so bad for your neighbors :(  Being a home owner can suck sometimes.  We're going into the high 30's and 40's this weekend and it felt SO MUCH BETTER already walking outside.  Sad, that mid 30 is "amazing weather". 
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    No Friday post at 11:06 Central time?

    What's on tap for everyone this weekend? 
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    I am so tired today, and I don't have enough time to finish everything, and since I can't decide where to start, I'm here.

    We had a funeral luncheon pop up for next week, yay - but it's our first in a new venue that is mine to manage, so I have a ton to do.  Hubs is coming with me Saturday to set the floor plan LOL.  I am in meetings back to back today and tomorrow and have like 4 proposals to do as well.

    Last night we went to see the progressive front runners for Attorney General and Governor speak and it was awesome.  We're from the same Dem Club as the potential AG and she endorsed hubs so we're long sold on her - she's a legit bad ass!  But hearing her speak makes me even more excited to vote for her!  She also has a commercial that made it to cable networks and late nigh shows - PM Me if you want a link.  You'll love it.

    This weekend we're going to see The Bodyguard production in downtown Detroit. And that is how we know hubs really loves me; it's my anniversary gift and he hasn't even joked about having to go.  Sunday, we've been invited to go a Gala celebrating the first anniversary of the Women's March, and not to sound like a brat, but I'd rather go to the anniversary march.  Picket Signs > Formal Dresses.
    wait, like the Broadway musical? I went and absolutely LOVED it.