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    Hey all! Sorry I've been completely MIA. Every time I come to post it WILL NOT POST. I don't know why, but I was about to have it in with TK. I just wanna communicate :D

    I've also been super busy with school. I started my phlebotomy course and I'm super excited about everything. I've done 6 blood draws since the start of the course and each time I have been successful! I even managed to get a good draw out of our classmate who faints (she was fine and didn't even notice I had stuck her already!) so I was like a little mario cart character dancing after that lol.

    In the news of FI and I not much has been going on, I feel like we're two passing ships but we are trying to make it work! He's home sick today which throws us off because we both had tomorrow off but now he works to make up for today. I hope he just has a sinus infection because I cannot afford to get sick right now lol

    @MissKittyDanger that's so exciting! will you be posting your gender reveal here as well? I sure hope so (I love them!) lol
    @kimmiinthemitten congrats to your H!!! That is seriously so amazing, I hope everything is smooth for you guys and your H gets a chance to make a difference.
  • Re: This letter makes me so sad for the LW and her son.

    So this makes me think.
    My step brother is 16 and has autism, he is high functioning but has trouble listening and has issues with anger management. Now mind you even though he is high functioning, if no one tells him to take a shower he will not take one. It just doesn't click in his head he must shower or put on deodorant or even change out of his pj's unless he is told to. He has a check list every morning and my parents will ask if he's done it yet and that's his subtle reminder to shower brush teeth ect. I agree with PP's she needs to get an evaluation he may just fall onto the autism spectrum. Or as others have mentioned, he could just be lazy.
  • Re: Prudie Day. Also Thursday.

    @Lala9414 ; I'm in Canada, so we have Shoppers Drug Mart. I may got there but I was hoping to use my Sephora gift card :(
    Hope the Vertigo gets under control :( I had a boss who had that and it's not fun
    I knew you were in Canada but for the life of me I couldn't remember if they have an Ulta there or not lol. I hope you find your Stila products soon! And thank you, they said it should resolve on its own within a few days to a week, so we shall see!
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    Happy Monday all!

    @charlotte989875 I'm sorry about the job! It sucks bad when they are making things difficult for you, especially when you signed on for X and now its X&Y. I hope you can come to a good decision soon.
    @6fsn FX for the raise!!!

    It's a very monday-y monday. I'm counting down hours till I get off (currently an hour and a half) and I'm trying to decide what to do for dinner. So we shall see. I have to get allergy shots today and I'm not looking forward to it.

    On Friday I found out I aced my final!!! Which means I passed my class with an A+ i was slightly worried because this class was kicking my ass but I pulled through. I'm now on a 2 week break and then I start my Phlebotomy class!!!!

    Weekend was good
    Friday I took my FI out to the mock opening for the Cheesecake Factory over by my job. It was a free meal and we had a good time.
    Saturday/Sunday was not much I worked both evening so my body is a little thrown off. This morning I woke up at 2 am with horrible stomach pains. I'm not sure what happened but I was tossing and turning. I took some TUMS and it helped a bit but I wasn't able to fully go back to sleep after that.

    Other than that its SSDD today. Oh well
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    Lala9414 said:

    @Lala9414, no!  Don't quit in frustration and anger!  I'm glad you resisted the urge.  Keep up the good fight.  But sending out your resume for potential better opportunities does sound like a good plan ;).  It's really irritating to be the awesome and flexible team player...only to have people come to expect that instead of appreciating it.  Been there, done that!

    Stuck In Box

    I know, I know lol my manager just pissed me off something good yesterday. She was trying to tell me that "I've gotten comfortable with my opening shifts and I just assume I'll be scheduled to open and had made plans. Excuse you, but no. I checked my schedule saw that I was opening and then made plans. She then proceeded to tell me that since I'm too comfortable and don't want to take my co-workers closing shift. She is just going to start scheduling me to close. Basically trying to punish me. I'm putting out my resume and I'm willing to just work 2 part time jobs because my hours for school next semester are going to be crazy.

    Out of curiosity, why does she care that you didn't choose to take your co-worker's shift?  Seems like that would be more your co-worker's problem!

    The only places I've worked where people traded shifts was restaurants.  If you could find a person to take your shift, great.  If not, then you'd better show up!  The managers could have cared less which servers were willing to take other shifts and which weren't.

    When I first moved to NOLA, I had a typical 9-5 f/t office job.  But also worked p/t as a server at TGIF.  If I happened to not be scheduled on a Fri. and/or Sat. night...or as I called them, the MONEY nights...I'd show up to the shift meeting.  Dressed in my uniform and ready to go.  And advertise I was ready to take someone's shift if they wanted the night off.  I usually had multiple offers and never once had to turn tail and go back home, lol.

    I work at small business (it's a spa) and I'm a receptionist along with 3 other girls. Shes more upset because I always say yes and this time I said no. My coworker told my boss basically she doesn't have a babysitter and she refuses to bring the baby to work (like my boss suggested) and if no one can take her shift she basically quits. It's all actually quite dramatic, she told my coworker shes "annoyed and frustrated" because I called out sick twice last month and got my shifts covered but feels like I just don't want to work the closing shift and that's why I'm saying no. Which isn't the case at all, I had arrangements made to do something after my shift so not my problem lol. If you were to also pull up my work history I haven't called out in almost a year before my two sick days. All in all, it comes down to my boss is crazy and so are my coworkers and I'm just trying to jump ship