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    We had our wedding there too! I already love your choices.
  • Re: I feel stupid

    I think you should take his advice and plan your first trip as a married couple. August is right around the corner! Maybe another trip to Vegas?! Or a trip to the Caribbean... BTW, you looked beautiful on your wedding day.
  • Re: May/June 2014 brides

    May 17 and I CAN'T WAIT!
  • Re: wow

    Of course @Missmo! I was thinking a BYOB, BYOMeat-to-grill wedding reception. Have a small ceremony, only inviting my MOH and his BM, then inviting everyone- selling tickets to- this so called party reception. Of course, I want my DJ friend to do this for free, on account of our friendship and all, and not rent any chairs in July, at the lake, in Texas, and provide store-bought cupcakes- enough to feed 50 people. Of course I will only register for the most expensive items at Macy's and Nordstrom, and be sure to include my registry on the invite. Also, RSVP via facebook- liking my status as an RSVP may work well too. What do you think about wrapping tealight candles in toule and handing those out for favors? I am really growing fond of this tacky, made up wedding. I can't wait to post on the E board... Although, they are probably reading all about this anyways! Lol
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    I personally don't read the Etiquette Board because it seems everyone on there thinks ideas are rude, stupid, too cheap, or lame. I'm not going to be on any TV shows, like 4 weddings, so I don't really care what everyone on the E board thinks. I do, however, feel compelled to read the board now. Lol... I think the purpose of the board is for us that have never planned a wedding before, know what we should or shouldn't do. There are some things that the bride and groom should try to avoid- like having everyone pay for their own dinner, or cook their own food for example. Actually, I now feel compelled to make up a new profile, plan the tackiest wedding ever, and post those plans on the etiquette board just to see the reaction! LMBO! Like throwing a steak to a pack of lions.