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  • Re: FI & Sister in law vent!!!


    hope it works out. Asking for money every wk is a problem. Although its not from the wedding fund, its from his stash. Now if something comes up, he has no stash to dip into b/c sister got it. I'm pretty sure you'd step in to provide, but you can see where and how it can go.


    His sister is inconsiderate though and only hope she understands, that her brothers life will change and wife will come first. She can't expect him to give all the time, family or not...

    To what you described abt who he is, he seems to be a pleaser, which is great. I just hope it doesn't turn into him working extra hard to give sister money and provide for you and family, to make all parties happy.



  • Re: decisions, decisions....

    1. Per se, not per sey.

    2. How far are you from your wedding? Unless it's very early next year, you shouldn't be picking your wedding party now anyway.

    3. A wedding party is not required, and if the reason you're wanting a wedding party is to help with things for the wedding, you need to keep in mind that their only responsibility is to show up mostly sober and in the outfit required on the wedding day.

    And most importantly, 4. No one is going to be as excited about your wedding as you are. You shouldn't consider 'lackluster' responses to be something negative -- they have their own lives and their own things to be excited about. They don't need to high-five vagina time with you just because you got engaged. Not being obsessed with your wedding or engagement isn't a sign of a bad friend.

    2- wedding is sept 2014.

    3- not counting on the bridal party to help out. FI and I got that covered. Growing up, I had a vision of how a wedding is. Obviously times changed.

    4- lol @ vagina high five. I never said all of that. but if my friend told me she was engaged, that IS great news! I would show my excitement. obviously, what I would do and what others would do is different and perhaps I shouldn't expect it. but honestly, that's not cool for a friend to not show excitement or display happiness for such news.

    when one get a new job, a new man, becomes pregnant, or a promotion- that's good news isn't it? isn't that worth sharing and having a friend take the ride with you where applicable?

    and another thing. I am not obsessed w/ my wedding nor do I expect anyone to be. essentially it should be an exciting time in ones life. to be friends over 10yrs and knowing this is a new chapter, it should ignite a feeling but once again that's just me. Perhaps I should stop expecting, then I wont get disappointed or have to create such a thread.

    Of course them not showing excitement doesn't equal bad friend, but it does says something as far as I'm concerned.

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  • Re: 9/13/14

    yep, navy blue is one of my colors as well! love it.

    I'm probably gonna pair it with white and a splash of yellow.

  • Re: Friday or Sunday???

    I chose Sunday 9/14/14 as well.

    sundays just seem so much calmer...

    Friday ppl have work...Sat is grocery shopping and whatever errands ppl can't get done in the week, and Sunday is usually relax day.

  • Re: pastels for a fall wedding?

    I think it could work. have one solid focal color(I'm thinking a dark color) then have the pastels play off of it.

    blush pink to me is a hit no matter the season. it's soft and romantic