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    @speakeasy14 No I didn't go back. I was so annoyed haha. It was a planner with all these embellishments. I was also going to get an add-on to it for wedding planning. I looked online for it today and the price is up and there is no more coupon so it's one that got away. I hope the weather cooperates for you!
  • Tuesday that feels like Monday

    This place is still a ghost town but I am here!

    This weekend was nice. Friday night we ran some errands and grabbed dinner. It was a nice relaxing night out. 

    Saturday morning we did two venue tours. One place was really nice and is still a top contender. The other place we looked at was awful and the coordinator was not great. He talked 5000 miles a minute and answered all our questions with "that is outlined in the packet." Thank pal, I can read but thought I'd ask you. Add that to the distance of the place and overall feel and it's off the list. We are going to look at our number 1 place next Monday night. I am really hoping for good news at that one!

    Saturday night was FI's work "Christmas" party. They do an end of the summer party now since the holidays are crazy, but the head honcho came over and wished everyone a Merry Christmas which was funny. It was great to hear some of the higher ups commend FI. I also got introduced at his FI all night and it was awesome!

    Sunday morning we were both hung over thanks to the open bar the night before. I had a game in the pouring rain. We set the kids up under this huge umbrella and had them yell but not do the movements. It was okay. I'm sure the parents were pissed but Pop Warner rules say that if there is a game the cheerleaders have to be there, rain or shine. 

    Sunday afternoon I watched the return of Brady which was awesome. Other than that, I kicked it around the house with Tess and my parent's dog. FI went out with BWW with a buddy.

    Yesterday I did more hanging out. At one point I wanted to get out of the house so I drove all the way to Michael's (not really far, 15ish minutes) spent a half hour looking around and got in line to realize I forgot my wallet at home. I had to put everything back and head home to get it. I then ran to the grocery store and came back home to clean and do laundry. I got a lot accomplished so that was good.

    Now I'm at work. I love short weeks and I hope this one flies by!
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    Anything fun planned this weekend? 
    We have two venue tours tomorrow morning!! Then tomorrow night FI's (just typed BF and had to fix it LOL) work does an "end of the summer" party in lieu of a holiday party so we're going to that. They have an open bar and last year the food was AWESOME! Can't wait. Sunday is picture day for my cheer team, although who knows who will show for that.. and BRADY IS BACK!!! So, PATS obviously.

    What do you listen to when you're in the car?
    Mostly Spotify lately. I switch between my own playlist and random ones.

    What are you doing to prep for the hurricane?
    Nothing. I think we might get rain, but last I heard it should be almost completely missing us.

    What is the weirdest thing you have seen in a theater?
    Nothing that I can think of... LAME

    Have you DIY anything lately?
    Just the shirts before my Disney trip. Other than that, nothing. Will be doing a ton for the wedding because we have the means so I can't wait for that!

    Have a good weekend everyone! 
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    @PamBeesly524 I can PM you the venues! I hope things get better at work!

    @AlPacina It's both the kids and parents. The kids still aren't trying and now they've begun to not show up and the parents are posting pictures bragging that the kids aren't there and it's "not the end of their cheer career" because by the Pop Warner rules we can't punish them or kick them off. It's all stupid drama and a waste of time.

    @minskat30 Huge hugs coming your way!! I hope for everyone's sake you guys have luck finding a nanny soon.