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  • Re: Prudie Day (I think; is it Thursday?)!!

    Work is busy, but stopping in to say hi!  I will probably read some Prudie and get back to work.  Hope to post more tomorrow!

  • Re: Wednesday

    We got some snow today, but just a sprinkling.  Just enough to make everything look pretty!  The roads were brined, so it wasn't laying in the streets too much, just some side roads.

    Last night was good.  We got my car back and it only needed a battery!  Woot woot!  The mystery problem wasn't as devious as it could be!  I skipped yoga because my instructor wasn't coming in, she had a bad car accident last week and was still feeling sore.  The ladies were going to stream a yoga video in the seminar room, but since we had to pick up the car, I just went home to make our evening lest hectic.

    Tonight H has a dentist appointment after work.  So I will pick up DD from daycare.  He normally still would, but they have a main road closed and his commute has gone crazy.  So if he doesn't have to pick up DD after the dentist, he can avoid that road.  I will try to get in a yoga class tonight, but my neck is bothering me like crazy.  I must have slept wrong.  I've been trying to stretch it out while I'm sitting at my desk, but its not helping too much.

  • Re: Thursday

    Back in the office today and playing some catch up.  I'm feeling so much better today.  H and I ate eggs and home fries for dinner last night and we were both fine!  So I'm mostly sticking with carbs today.  I could really go for some pizza, but I want to stay away from cheese another day or so!

    Tonight, I am going to try and hit up a yoga class.  We also need to start taking down Christmas, but I don't think both of those things will happen.

  • Re: It's Still Snowing. And it's Monday

    It is a balmy 22 degrees outside today!  But we are getting an ice/freezing rain storm this evening - lovely.  Our storm warning is from 1 PM to 9 PM, so probably prime evening commute.

    Weekend was good overall.  MIL and H went to their annual Elvis impersonator show.  So I went home with DD after dinner, while H & MIL went to their concert.  Except I had a pukey baby and they had fun.  I think it was the combo of things she ate because after she was completely fine and crawling around everywhere.  She had a few more rounds, after I gave her formula ::forehead slap:: but then she fell asleep and was all good.  I'm hoping that was all, she didn't eat too well, so just going to keep an eye on her.

    We have our ice maker hooked up and its making ice!  H did some other work around the house too.  On Saturday we went up to a local bulk meat shop and spent entirely too much on meat!  We will not need to buy any for quite some time though.  We got a 15 lb box of bacon for $15, which we split with my brother.  I also got a 10 lb box of steak sandwich meat, which I gave some of to my parents for easy meals for my dad.  Once home with all of our meat finds, we took the time to separate everything out and vacuum seal them into smaller portions.  We also marinated some of the meat for easier meals.

  • Re: It's Still Snowing. And it's Monday

    @6fsn - I'm so sorry for both DH's grandma and SILs grandma.

    @charlotte989875 - T&P for your co-worker.  That is every parent's worst nightmare and something that will stick with her and her family for years and even decades.  Meal train and gift cards for food is the best thing right now.