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  • Re: Critique my wedding budget / what am I missing?

    TBH - my groom is wearing a tux he already owns, most likely. He got one custom tailored for him as a GM in a wedding this year, and it looks amazing on him. I don't really see any reason for him to buy a new one? unless I'm crazy. Maybe he'll add some new pocket square/bow tie/cuff links, but I actually feel like we can cut that down.

    Totally fine to wear a tux he already owns, particularly if it is custom tailored. Unless he was planning on buying a new one, it'll fit better than anything he can rent. Make it new again with the pocket square/bowtie/cuff links.
  • Re: Critique my wedding budget / what am I missing?

    When we were creating our budget, we used a wedding budget calculator, might have been from here, that gave you the % of the total budget each item should cost. Of course some things cost more, some cost less.

    Depends on your area, but unless you really are looking for someone specific, you can find a JOP for less than $1000. You could potentially also find less than $5k for photography- depends on what you want.
  • Re: Not your typical 'kids at the wedding' question

    I agree that I would invite the children (if that was your plan anyway) and include a line somewhere that the venue does not allow minors after 9pm.
  • Re: Has anyone gone "no centerpiece" for a formal wedding?

    Would it ruin your wedding? No.

    But I don't think I've ever not seen a centerpiece of some sort. Even at a higher end restaurant, there is usually at least one candle or simple vase on the table.

    Our venue included centerpieces, as I also did not care to spend extra money on them. It was a square glass mirror with 3 tall cylindrical vases with floating candles and one vase had a submerged fake flower in our wedding colour.

    I agree that I'd at least put a few candles out, or get some vases from the dollar store and do something with those- a floating candle in a short wide vase, or a tall slender vase with a single flower.
  • Re: Reception Decor

    Agreed- looks great! Instead of thinking of it as trying to match white and ivory, think of it as your decor colours being ivory, white and pink.