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  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    Oh man, this was former MIL who told me I was selfish and would die in a nursing home alone for not having children.

    So yeah, LW, if your DIL is anything like me, she'll stop speaking to your sorry, overinvolved, opinionated ass.  Shut up...your children don't owe you grandchildren and they're adults making adult decisions.  Stay out of it.
  • The Monday-est of Monday

    Good morning. It is snowing here still and the roads are gross.  I have had 2 crappy phone calls already this morning and I'm done with people.  Is it Friday yet?

    We had a great weekend.  We finally got the office cleaned and organized more, conquered laundry mountain, fixed our library problems, experienced grocery pickup for the first time (so wonderful), built our IKEA headboard, and got our bedroom organized.

    How was everyone else's weekend?
  • Re: Open, but not 'out'.

    CMGragain said:
    It amazes me that each generation thinks they have discovered something new about sex.  The Edwardians called it "modern marriage".  In the 60s, it was called "swinging".  Then "open marriage" in the 70s.  Now polyamorous?  Yawn.
    I will never cease to be amazed at how rude you can be for those things YOU consider unimportant, CMGragain.  No one cares if it matters to you or not.  But the people trying to live it, care about it very, very much and would appreciate some damn respect.  
  • Re: Open, but not 'out'.

    I haven't ever found such a good chart for sexual identities, that I haven't looked at and thought, Nope, nope, aaannnnd nope!  :smile:  But when one of the colleges linked to this one for gender identity, I saved it, but I already can see some missing since it's about a year old.

    Humans are magnificently complicated.  :D
  • Re: Open, but not 'out'.

    Really, it's this:

    bi/poly/pan is a sexual identity -- people who are attracted to other people falling into multiple gender identities. 

    Historically, bi was mis-defined by non-bisexuals as limited to cis-gender men and women, so poly and pan developed to "be used instead of bi", bisexuals stuck up for themselves, all 3 are now accepted to mean, "a person who is romantically and/or sexually attracted to any gender identity" (preferences and transphobia not withstanding).

    This might serve to confuse you more.  This was put out by one of our college gender identity groups.  I cannot define them all for you, TBH, some of them are outside of my understanding.  I just accept what people want to call themselves:

    ETA: for some clarifying words, I hope.