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  • Re: Tuesday?

    I'm a wonderful wife. Lol

    M's bday is July 14th and one of his fave bands - Foo Fighters - are coming to our city for the outdoor music fest on July 10th.
    I have just asked MIL to get him tix for his bday :)

    {I would have got them but I've got something else great for him planned out :) }
    Nice!!  I've got Foo Fighters tickets for DH's birthday too.  
  • Re: Saturday

    ernursej said:
    @WinstonsGirl we use Skip all the time. It is great. 

    Im in the minority, but I really don’t enjoy watching the Olympics. 
    It worked pretty well.  And it's nice to have some choices other than Panago or Chinese
  • Re: Saturday

    I'm hoping you hear something Jen.  

    Feel better Charlotte.  Spastic muscles are such a pain!

    We're busy watching the Olympics.  Went for a workout this morning, which almost killed me (not normal for me) and then took the Beast to the dog park.  We're trying Skip the Dishes for the first time.  I really wanted to go out for dinner, which we don't do a lot anymore now that we have the dog, but now there's 3 Canadians in the snowboard finals, and I obviously can't miss that, so we're staying in
  • Re: **SPOILER ALERT!** This Is Us

    @kvruns I agree a bit.  I thought this one was easier than I thought it was going to be.  My question is that this type of heart attack has a nickname and is known to happen after smoke inhalation, yet the Paramedics and Doctors were pretty chill about getting him to the hospital and treated.  Wouldn't you have him hooked up to oxygen, EKG/other heart machines?  

    I liked the twist with Tess at the end.  Well played This is Us.  

  • Re: The sheet dance and Aunt Flo

    I'm on my third copper IUD.  At least this one lasts for 5 years, my first 3 were 3 year ones.  I don't have kids, so getting them in sucked, especially the first one.  I was feeling shitty for a good 3 days after.  Now, it sucks but I only feel shitty for about an hour.  Unfortunately I get cramps now, but they're not too bad.  An Advil can take care of them