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  • Re: This person is supposedly an adult. I need to see the receipts.

    I'm a little late but I wanted to add that my DH is a twin and was born on Jan. 4th.  His father was born Jan. 6th so all three birthdays often got lumped together as one celebration.  Since they all followed Christmas/New Years and were three B-Days in 3 Days he felt that he often got less than others...until he was like 10!

    If I was a mutual friend to these girls I would gladly take any excuse to go out and party two weekends in a row! I have a feeling that the LW has been harboring her feelings for a very long time, but no one knows what she really wants because she doesn't tell anyone.

  • Re: Trying to find the dress

    Ditto @ourwildkingdom, this is an international board so the responses will be more generic.

    That said, I would advise you to go to a place with a lot of styles and designers to try on some dresses.  You don't have to buy right away, but a place like Davids Bridal can be very helpful in gauging what type of wedding dress you want.  A lot of brides on this board will tell you that they ended up in dresses complete opposite of what they thought they would like.  In general:


    - Give your consultant your budget (or even a little under your dress budget).  Be sure to include more accessories, undergarments, and alterations in your budget.

    - If you are feeling overwhelmed, or like the consultant isn't listening to you, leave.

    - Its okay to get ideas from pinterest, but be open to trying on dresses outside of this.  Many people are surprised by what they end up with.

    - Try to wear a strapless bra/undergarments that would match what you are wearing on your wedding day.  Especially important for your fitting!

    - Try to remember the elements that you do like to help narrow your future searches.  (do you like lace or silk, sweetheart necklines or straight, white or off-white, Train lengths, etc...)


    - Don't go with an entire group of people, take one or two people who's taste you trust as advisors that will value your feelings and opinions as well.  Leave the entourage at home.

    - Don't freak out about sizing, it is not really accurate and a good fit looks better than on your wedding day than a smaller number on the tag.

    - Don't feel pressured to pick out a dress at the first shop.

    - Finally, you may not have that O.M.G. this is my dress moment, and that is okay.  But once you find the dress you are happy to be married in STOP looking at dresses!

    But most of all have fun and enjoy!

    (Pro tip: If you do go to Davids (or any bridal shows) don't give them your primary email/phone as it seems like they like to sell it to spammers!).

  • Re: Inviting children on fiance's side but not mine?

    When you are making up a guest list you are free to choose whoever you want to invite.  The idea of inviting in circles is often suggested to reduce the drama that can sometimes be caused by families.  Circles do not have to be the same for both sides, (although again it can reduce drama when they are). In your case, you are inviting within circles.  The children included on your FIs side are first cousins, while your side would be second cousins.  Children of friends would be a different circle also.

    I think family dynamics would come into play here though.  If you don't think any/much drama would be caused by excluded second cousins you are fine.  But if you think there will be a massive fall out if your family got to the wedding and saw any children then maybe you should reconsider (even though you are within your right to not invite them). 

    TL;DR I think you are fine unless you think more drama than you want to deal with would result.
  • Re: Husband says I'm being irrational?

    You mention that there are setback rules, but are there any rules for the amount of covered ground/impervious area per lot?  If he already has a three bedroom ranch with a garage and shed, it is possible this expansion would cover too much ground and require a variance from the local municipality.  That would then give you a chance to speak your voice also.

    I understand your frustrations, our HOA has an "architecture review committee" but since we are still a new development and most of the lots are undeveloped the board doesn't actually exist...its just one person from a property management company who says yay/nay.  The person in charge pretty much approves anything and we have no say in it unless they need to challenge an existing regulation within our HOA Bylaws or Township Code.  Even our executive board is just one elected person at this point.

    At the end of the day, I can really understand where you are coming from.  The reason people move into communities with HOAs/strict municipal codes is to protect the aesthetics of the area.  If I didn't care how many car parts my neighbor had on their lawn I would have moved someplace that didn't charge me an extra fee each I think you have every right to be upset over the loss of your view.  But on the flip side, I am also a big proponent of people being allowed to do whatever they want within their yards provided it is safe/legal.  While I may not like the look of a 6 foot tall PVC fence, I understand that the person next door has every right to install one. 

    My advice, is to have your feelings but to keep them to yourself/vent here.  When you're calm enough to talk about this without getting upset maybe ask your neighbor if they could work out a way to preserve your view.  I think purposely being mean is kinda petty and childish.  At the end of the day, if they are following all the rules and regulations they aren't doing anything wrong.  Also, if this really bothers you, perhaps you could petition to have the regulations amended, if not to protect your view, to at least prevent this from happening to others.

  • Re: Requesting cash rather than gifts

    A shoe change?  While walking down the aisle?  What the what?  That's pretty hilarious.

    Not to mention a potential disaster! I don't know about anyone else but I doubt I could have gracefully changed shoes in my wedding dress!

    Hellooooo....that's what the bridesMAIDs BrideSLAVES are for!