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  • Re: Enough With the Photos ...

    Our photographer took a photo from behind of both of DHs parents sitting together in the front row with their phones in front of their faces taking the exact same pics of the whole ceremony. I'm not pissed but I do find it hilarious. 
  • Re: So, How's Married Life?

    Its been about two months for me now, and I still get that question all of the time. Lol its exactly the same for me, although I will say H seems to think it feels different for him. We've been together 7 years, lived together 6. Married life just seems like any other day. H does seem to be getting more serious about paying off debt and saving money though, I don't know if thats his way of mentally preparing himself for starting a family or what... its a good thing but its driving me batty! Haha
  • Re: In-Country Destination

    I'm just throwing my experience in here; I've lurked for a long time and have learned so much from everybody here... but one thing I ignored was the invitation timeframe. My thoughts were the same, I'm going to send my invites early because everybody will have to travel, etc. I sent them in Jan for my May wedding. My RSVP date was yesterday (the venue needs numbers 1 months in advance so I gave myself time to call people) and I have received only 10 RSVPs back out of 40ish invites. So I have a LOT of following up to do. In hindsight, I should have included a little bit more information with my STDs and then send out my invites according to the proper timeline. 
  • Re: Friday?

    @kimmiinthemitten all of the hugs for your H today. That's really hard!

    Got my hair highlighted yesterday, and I'm feeling faaaabulous! I've also lost 10 lbs, woo! Its a wonder what actually taking my meds does for my body lol. PCOS is a bitch.

    This weekend I desperately need to clean my house... and do homework. And I think my pup needs some snugs. 
  • Re: If this is this person's biggest problem in life, I want their life.

    If writer was a kid, I think Aunt Pete should have just chalked it up at that and looked at it more like being included in the family and accepted. I'm really hoping he hasn't been holding a grudge against the writer for decades because of something the kid said with good intentions. 

    Don't apologize to Pete. That scenario is almost something that should be good for a laugh now, not something to feel bad about. There's got to be something else underlying.