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    @short+sassy  Thank you for sharing! I do feel like I want kids for sure. I do feel that I would be very sad if we decided not to ever have kids. I also feel like I'm a very material person and have always imagined my self with a kid/kids.
    I am only 28, a few months off from 29. My husband just turned 29. I know I'm still young and have plenty of time, however, I'm the oldest woman in my family to not children. Before me and my younger sister, 23, every single woman, including my two older sisters had a child at 19.
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    I'm so glad someone else feels the same way! I have a few friends that know 100% for sure they don't want kids and I've felt so jealous of their ability to just be so certain! I've been feeling kind of like a weirdo of feeling so...meh about it.

    Also, there is a this little fear in me that knows once I have a baby I won't be able to give my dog as much love and attention and he is 11 years old and I am his entire world and I just don't think I can do that to him!
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    My Husband and I have been together for almost 6 years, married for almost 1 year. We have traveled a bit, own a home, both have good careers that we are fairly comfortable in, and we are financially stable enough to start a family. We have both talked about it and both feel kind of.. meh... to the idea of kids right now. I've always known I wanted to have at least one child and my husband has told me he feels the same way. We aren't super exciting people so its not like we are thinking "OH NO! How will we maintain our exciting lifestyle of concerts, rock climbing, and partying!", its more like, "I just really enjoy my 8 hours of sleep a night.".

    Both of my older sisters have 3 children each, ages range from 13 years to 3 months, and I adore them, I am close with all of them, except the 4 year old, she hates me. My husbands sister is expecting her first baby and his cousin that he is very close with just had a baby 6 months ago. I think we both feel some pressure from to have kids soon so they will be close in age to other children in the family, but we don't feel 100% ready.

    A few friends and family members have kind of asked, "what are you waiting for?" and we don't really know. Another thing people have said is "Aren't you dying to have kids? You're such a good mom to your dog!"...I have 0 kids and I know dogs and kids are SOSOSOSO different. WTF?

    Sorry, this was a long way of asking, how did you know when you were ready to have children or when/why did you know you weren't ready?
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    Thanks for the advice everyone! Sorry for the absence. Shortly after I posted I had a talk with my manager about how truly awful the project is going and how I really need to her help in helping me be heard. She started to echo what I say in meetings and we both started bringing more data to status meetings. I even ran a rough demo with our end users and presented their feedback, which was all negative.

    A few weeks ago the project was cancelled and our current software licenses were extended! Huge win for me and all the users.

    Thank you all again for the advice.
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    I watch 90 day Fiance.... please apply to be on the show! They always need a good train wreck.