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  • Re: is it rude to not serve meat?

    We are booking the vegan food truck. So this can die now.
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  • Re: Groom giving bride a hard time about Tuxedo

    As long as he doesn't want a powder blue suit from the 70's, he'll look fine.
  • Re: is it rude to not serve meat?

    I'm just baffled at all the people who don't seem to realize that vegetables contain protein. There are 7 grams of protein in one stalk of broccoli, for crying out loud. It's more protein-dense than meat. And I'm willing to bet most of ya'll aren't body builders who need excessive amounts of protein in every meal, and even if you are you will NOT, in fact, shrivel up like King Triton when he got turned into seaweed if you go one meal without 2 chicken breasts and 8 scrambled egg whites. Americans eat 50% more protein per day than we need to. You will survive.

    i can't read the graphic so i'm not sure whta they're saying but one serving of spinach isn't 43% of your daily protein.

    i guet most of mine from lentils and legumes. and vegan protein powder in shakes... but i am actuall a marathon runner and need quite a bit of protein :)
  • Re: Already An Issue- Kids being self invited

    Just say "sorry for any confusion, buy we're having an adult-only event. Hope to still you you there!" And leave out at that. They have 6 months to find a babysitter.
  • Re: is it rude to not serve meat?

    I don't know if it's rude, but as a guest who is not vegan, I would not be happy about being forced to follow a diet that I don't practice. I would equate it to be a vegetarian and not having the option to choose a vegetarian meal at a wedding of non vegetarians.
    I just feel really sick about paying for animal products :/ like to the point of changing the wedding from an evening reception to a mid-afternoon one with only appetizers if it's an issue.