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  • Re: Planning my own bachelorette weekend ?

    Please don't have any expectations or try and tell your MOH what to do with the shower or bachelorette. I'm in a wedding with a bridezilla and she's been doing this shit and it's been effecting everyone negatively. She's expecting two bachelorettes and a shower and is basically trying to plan them all herself/dictate what MOH does so they go right *sigh* 
  • Re: Kids at the Wedding...SOS!!

    It's not an insult to see race. To deny race is what's racist.
  • Re: Kids at the Wedding...SOS!!

    I don't know the racial make up of most of you ladies, and it doesn't affect my opinions.  I think it very unfair that racial slurs such as "african american racist epithet", "mexican racist epithet" "asian racist epithet"  and "anti-semitic racist epithet" are taboo in our society, but calling out a WASP is OK. (Sorry for the language, but I don't know how else to make my point.)

    My mother was very racist, and I was often embarrassed by her statements.  As a WASP, she objected to my dating anyone who wasn't strictly of northern European heritage AND protestant.   The term "white" includes southern European and eastern European people.  Needless to say, this whole attitude disgusts me, and I adore my bi-racial grandson!
    Perhaps you should read up on the history behind the N word. You should not write that word out EVER. WASP does not compare to any of the words you chose to type. Jfc.

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  • Re: Happy solstice!

    Have a wonderful solstice, everyone.

    I celebrate every year and this year I was so busy I didn't even light a candle or anything. Grr. I guess I'll celebrate the day after the shortest night ;)
  • Youtube Video Invite

    I just discovered this wedding invite video, because they wanted to do something besides paper invites because "it's 2015!!!11" (these were from last year of course). The youtuber made the invites public because she's going through a lawsuit with another youtuber who attended the wedding, stole her bouquet and many cards from the card box and she wanted to use this video invite as proof or something.

    I internally snarked throughout the entire video, I'm sorry to say.  I'm sharing it for entertainment purposes.