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  • Re: FBILs STILL haven't been fitted

    divarhd said:

    But your real problem is if all your guests have sent back in their DNA tests to be able to prove that they are 'real' family. Or are you doing cheek swabs before they are allowed in the church.  Because God knows blended families are just gross. And it is totally socially acceptable for an adult to be punitive on young children for the perceived 'slights' the parent's gave you. /s

    Seriously, you have SUCH bigger problems than suits right now. 

    You have insulted their family to the core. If you said even half the things you said on your last post to me, I would never speak to you again. They aren't coming. And I don't blame them. 

    I haven't insulted anyone actually.  That previous conversation was between me & FI (and all of you who obviously know everything) and my parents who are paying for the wedding.  And frankly THAT is the least of my concerns now, too.  Two of his brothers are supposed to be in the wedding.  They have not been fitted and are not communicating with FI.  One of them is the brother with the step children whose invitation was address to Mr. & Mrs. & Family. 

    Not one of you can honestly sit behind your computer & tell me you, as the bride, wouldn't be whigging out if part of your wedding party didn't have their clothing yet and has made no attempt to contact the tuxedo shop or respond to your repeated requests as to when they plan to be fitted.  So you, LondonLisa, can come down from your high horse before you get a nosebleed.

    I'll admit - when I first started planning, I probably would've been freaking out over something like this.  But, after talking to people who have been through this before, you learn (or should learn) how to put things in perspective.

    For example, I remember meeting with a vendor to select the fabric color for a table runner or something.  I was really concerned about the purple best matching the shade of my bridesmaid dresses.  She said to me, "You're going to walk into this room within an hour or so of marrying your husband.  Do you really think you're going to notice that the shade of purple is slightly lighter than your bridesmaids dresses?"

    If they don't show up, you won't be screwed.  Trust me.  The screwing should be going on later that night, if you know what I mean :wink:.  Make a margarita, dance it out, and accept that they might not show up.  As the others said, I would be more concerned about mending the family relationships.

  • Re: Missed part of my website on the save the dates

    shoogaroo said: I
    No,obviously not @MairePoppy , I think that's a reach that any random facebook friend would ask others for the information. Noone expects to be invited just for being a FB friend, and on top of that they could just ask for the information from a guest in general if they really wanted to.

     I don't believe I need to keep it private that I am getting married, everyone on facebook knows I'm engaged due to that little "status" button, but obviously I did not give out the website online.  I mentioned I messed up the URL and that  I was having a meltdown thats all. 

    Anyways they could just google my name and wedding and find our website if they are trying that hard to find out details-or look up my name on the knot. 

    There's something about weddings that brings the crazy out of people.  A good rule of thumb is to keep wedding talk off social media.  Sure, people know you're engaged and that a wedding is on the horizon, so it's not a secret.  You'll be surprised, however, by people who will assume they're invited to your wedding and take it personally if they're not.   
  • Re: Unconventional MOH Situation

    I agree with @MyNameIsNot ... you're too far out to plan a bachelorette party and you may be anticipating problems that may not even happen.

    FWIW, my sister had 2 MOHs and one of them lived across the country and couldn't attend any pre-wedding events.  NBD.
  • Re: Tuesday

    *Barbie* said:
    Houston Icepocalypse 2018

    our office was closed today, and will be closed tomorrow. school closed both days, too. we didn't get much, but the driveway was a sheet of ice.

    I was on an all day telecon, so i multitasked and built 2 LEGO architecture sets. (London and Sydney skylines) I have The Louvre on deck for tomorrow. 
    Yepppppp, I'm slightly buzzed thanks to the lack of school / work tomorrow.

    (and it may have taken me like 10 minutes to type this, but whatevs)
  • Re: When women aren't taken seriously

    I'm also so sorry to hear you experienced that, @sparklepants41.  Reading that thread, I imagined how I would feel, and I immediately wondered where my Xanax is.  

    I think the difficult thing about these posts and stories is that so many people jump to generalizations based on what they read and what they're reading into it.  Nobody was actually there except for the people directly involved, so it's really easy to sit back and project (not saying anyone here is doing that ... I think it's a big reason why conversations like this online go south so quickly).

    Regarding asking for a phone number ... I have a story.  15 years ago, I had a week-long business trip to Bellevue, WA (near Seattle) for a training course.  I was traveling solo (was ~23 at the time).  I had traveled alone before when I was interviewing for jobs (flew back & forth to Boston from San Antonio and made it to my interviews no big deal). 

    Anyway, I had my own rental car and managed to get around fine (Bellevue isn't that big).  I was asking someone at the training facility for a suggestion of where to eat.  I was the only person in my class traveling in from out of town, so everyone else was headed home, so I was planning to eat solo.  There was another guy from a different class who overheard the suggestions.  He was from Portland and was also traveling solo.  He asked if we'd like to meet up at a restaurant and join him for dinner.  He had a wedding ring and was maybe 8 or so years older than me.  So, we exchanged numbers and took separate cars to a restaurant.  We had a great time.  Absolutely nothing happened and we had dinner another night later that week.  Again, we drove separately and nothing "funny" happened.  A few years later, he was in Houston for meetings and we met up for dinner.  He said his wife referred to me as the "Houston honey".  We're still Facebook friends.

    Oddly enough, I actually felt safer out with him.  He was a cool guy, and it was probably safer to be seen with him than all alone.  

    Granted, this was in 2003 and the big news during that trip was the Madonna / Britney Spears VMA performance (yep, that happened while I was there).  Times change...