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  • Re: Turkey Tuesday

    I sent DH an email yesterday, outlining our upcoming plans (cause he likes details on paper), and we're basically busy every weekend between now and Christmas.  I'm most looking forward to a ski weekend away, but haven't decided yet if I want to bring the turdler along (I think it'll depend on whether or not I'm pregnant at that point as I won't want to ski hard if I am, so I might as well spend the days on and off the hill in green acres with her).  Not holding my breath on a positive test, but I'm hopeful it's our time again.

    I left my phone at home today, so I'm basically naked and not loving it, although my productivity is up slightly.

  • Re: WWWWD (loss mentioned)

    I honestly think you did great.  When I found out about my MC, I went in and worked the few days between finding out and the D&C.  I told the two ladies who worked in my cubicle farm.  I was 12 weeks, and people knew I was expecting, so I personally didn't hide the loss from anyone (not to make them uncomfortable, but cause they'd find out eventually). 

    My office sent me flowers (which I appreciated), and was otherwise pretty business as usual.  I'd say just follow her lead.  If she wants to talk about it she will, but don't bring it up unless she does.  I agree with PP about not overloading her with work right now (if you have any control over that), as I was pretty unproductive, and scattered for about a month - I still definitely got things done, but it was a lot more difficult.

  • Re: "I have a confession" - and other things spouses' say that could mean anything

    I just got a random text (DH very rarely texts me at all) to let me know there was a $300 ish credit on his credit card (the one we don't share).  His message started out with "So, something fairly odd..."

    I suggested we spend it all on liquor at our upcoming Christmas parties.  I've since not had a reply.

  • Re: Another Manic Monday

    It's not letting me quote, but MKD, I started buying mat clothes at 9 weeks (I started with pants cause none of my jeans fit, but bought shirts between 11-13 weeks as well.

    Gap/Old Navy were my go to spots for staples.

  • Re: Another Manic Monday

    AFM, we had a pretty relaxed weekend.  Did some tobogganing with the daredevil toddler, made numerous batches of egg nog, bought Christmas party dresses for both myself and the toddler, binge watched a bunch of The Punisher, and caught up on some sleep.