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    Daycare is closed since the local school system ended up closing. Not that I would have braved the icy roads with a baby anyway. My cold is worse so it is going to be a long 3 days taking care of a baby. 

    on the bright side I have Monday off and daycare is open so hopefully I will be feeling better by then and can enjoy the day.  H's birthday is at the end of Jan and since we both have off for MLK I told him we should celebrate that day. But he's being all "it isn't my birthday yet why would we do that".  Uhhh because we have a baby and if you want to do anything this is your shot. 
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    @short+sassy I thought of you when I saw a friend post this on FB. 

    "Being a landlord is not fun when you have tenants who are book smart but not life smart....who SHUTS OFF the heat in the winter for 2 weeks away? Two tenants in our apartment building shut it off completely and not only did the supply lines freeze, the kitchen sink faucet in one apartment exploded, toilets in both apts were frozen solid blocks of ice and both need to be replaces, and the tub plumbing is totally busted and needs to be replaced. One tenant asks if our insurance will cover his water damaged stuff. These are Ivy League grad students....supposedly some of the smartest people and both grew up in New England. Clearly the school didn't screen for common sense"
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    KFC is my guilty pleasure I rarely get but do like. I had it recently and was sad they no longer have the $5 box with popcorn chicken. I don't want the bowl, but I like the box since you get more than if you just got a combo. 
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    MesmrEwe said:
    I was actually doing some research on formulas this weekend since we just happened to be at a few different stores. {we don't have Target ...}

    Other than price wise, they were all pretty much same reviews but everyone makes a good point - not all babies are going to comply with what you first introduce
    That's so true about anything baby!!!  Same goes for diapers!!!  I had one kid who reacted to Pampers and one who reacted to Huggies and both reacted to anything else put on them.  Hence, I'll never buy diapers as a baby shower gift...   
    I'm lucky that mine is good with any kind of diaper. I think I've tried 7-8  brands/types at this point, I stock up on sales wherever I can
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    @misskittydanger you might want to research about whether daycares will allow cloth diapers. I know you will have time to figure it out with the longer maternity leave but many daycares here won't allow CD.