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  • Re: RSVP card wording etiquette

    I would re-think this plan like others have suggested and see if the venue is willing to give you a lesser rate on children at the buffet. Or come up with another solution that allows kids to go through the buffet as an option. I was in 6th grade when I was 11 and to be given a kids plate like the 5 year olds would have been very embarrassing to me. That would be compounded if my 12 year old cousin was going through the buffet. I would have liked to be treated like the adult guests. 

    I'd also suggest leaving kid activity packs at an empty table for parents to pick up for their kids instead of having them placed in seats in front of 11 year olds. Again, that would have felt embarrassing.
  • Re: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

    ppgbeb said:
    Thank you for the positive comments! I really appreciate it! I guess I should not have used the work jinx, I'm sorry I offended anyone. 

    I am obviously not basing my marriage off of these four things, as I stated previously "I am completely lost on what I should do about the tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I just heard of it, so that is why I made a post!

    I have not based any of my relationship or my future marriage on belongings, but I will not act offended since everyone has different opinions and comments. There is no need to be rude to a 20 year old girl over asking a question...
    It's not the word jinx that is offensive. It is your belief that someone who's divorced has belongings that would taint your marriage if borrowed. But if that's how you feel, that's how you feel. I'd just suggest not repeating that to people IRL who you might offend. If I were your friend or family member you would hurt my feelings deeply. You can borrow things from a friend who has never been married. That would still be something borrowed and old is rather relative so it could count as old as well. Also, I don't see where anyone was rude to you.  
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  • Re: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

    ppgbeb said:
    Hi there everyone!
    I am just starting all of my wedding planning from getting engaged in May 2016. I am planning a December 2017 wedding and I am SO excited! (As I assume most of you are ver excited also! Congrats to the future brides reading this!) 
    I am completely lost on what I should do about the tradition of "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue".

    As I was growing up, my parents got divorced, almost everyone in my family has been divorced, making love a VERY hard thing for me to believe in. I just do not want to wear something of someones (the something old and borrowed) whose marriage did not work out, so I do not "jinx" the wedding day.

    What do I do? What would be some ideas for the "something old and borrowed" if none of the marriages have worked in my family?
    Also what are some fun "something blue" ideas?
    Maybe I'm just really touchy today but this whole jinxing thing is really offensive to me. I've been divorced and I don't consider the objects I have loved and own to be tainted or marriage-ending-infectious. If a friend or family member said this to me, I'd be very hurt. Maybe my best friend shouldn't have had me as a bridesmaid so I wouldn't jinx her wedding with my presence? 
  • Re: FFIL Questions

    scribe95 said:
    Has anyone actually ever hired security? I see that suggested a lot on here and I always think it is just kinda crazy.
    My venue required that we hire someone. We had one security guard and it was $250 ish for 7 hours which was super reasonable, I thought. 
  • Re: Is this pretentious?

    Agree with Lynda. And it's not pretentious. It's your guests' titles.