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  • Re: Who is still up watching this game?

    I'm a Giants fan, but I have always liked the Cubs - my mom grew up in Chicago, so they are her "second team."

    That was a really exciting game. Though when they announced the rain delay after the 9th inning, I thought I wasn't going to make it to the end and was falling asleep on the couch (even though it was only 9pm for me).

    I feel kinda bad for Cleveland, since they just inherited the record for longest time without a WS win, but I'm really happy for Chicago!
  • Re: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

    So, someone in our league forgets to check her lineup before games start. Last week, she left Cam Newton in, despite the fact that he was out with an injury. This week, her kicker was on bye, and she didn't have a backup. She COULD have picked up one of tonight's kickers, both of whom were free agents, but her opponent picked them both up last night so she couldn't. She lost by two points because of it.

    I get irrationally annoyed when people don't bother to check their lineups AT ALL. It also bothers me that this person has not paid her league dues yet, because now I worry she is just going to drop out and refuse to pay because she is too lazy to set her lineup and is losing because of it.

  • Re: Monday Monday

    I just realized it's Columbus Day.... Didn't realize people actually got off for today.... that would explain why it's a ghost town here... 
    Yeah, me too. Both my mom and my sister asked me if I was working today, and I was like "Well, it's Monday... So, yeah?" Mom is retired and sister is a teacher, so the lucky bastards get days off.

    What do you buy when you shop when hungry? All of the things. But really, something I can cook really fast.

    What is the last thing you treated yourself to? I like to go to Ross about once a month and buy me something nice ;) Went on Saturday and got a couple of new shirts. 

    What is the last nice thing you did for someone else? I made H's lunch for him today, like I do every day...

    What is the last nice thing someone has done for you? My sister was at her favorite baby and maternity consignment store on Saturday (she is pregnant too), and she bought me a pack of newborn cloth diapers and a fleece bear suit that unfortunately own't fit the baby until he's a year old (like, for cold weather - it's just a gray footie suit with ears on the hood).
    What is your perfect day? Sleeping until 9:30am, having someone make and serve me brunch with bloody marys when I wake up (or going out to brunch and not having to wait in line). Then going thrift store shopping, and then to sushi, then having drinks and watching movies while it rains outside. And then someone making me a snack that involves chocolate. As you can see, I am very food-driven.
  • Re: Quitting smoking

    Sorry I missed this a month ago...congrats to your FH. 

    I quit in 2011.  The difference for me that time was I really, really wanted it. Don't get me wrong, I miss smoking. I loved smoking, if I could smoke with zero repercussions I totally would again

    Another thing I found interesting was that the 3's were the hardest; 3rd day, 3rd week, 3rd month and 3rd year. I'm type A so for me it helped to brag and celebrate every day I quit. A lot of people downplay the significance of the small anniversaries, I disagree. I say feel proud and celebrate every time you need to. 
    This is my nana. She quit well over 30yrs ago and knows to this day if she had one puff, she'd go back smoking. So she doesn't mind when my mum goes to visit because she can get the scent without the smoking.
    This is my mom, too! She quit smoking probably 10 or 15 years ago (she quit drinking a few years before that), and she says that when she turns 90, she is going to get a bottle of bourbon and a pack or Marlboro Lights to celebrate - because by then she can do whatever the hell she wants. 
  • Re: Unpopular Opinion Time?

    lyndausvi said:
    I'm going to jump on the hatred of showers.   Especially now when everyone is saying "I don't need stuff, so just give us money". 

    IDK? How about not having a shower instead of finding "unique" ways to still get money/shit from your friends/family?
    I'm always surprised at how many people feel this way- I love getting stuff and would much rather have actual presents than money! It's more special to me- a person took the time to pick out a gift for me and I can always think of them when I use it. Plus it avoids the issue of how to spend the money- I know I should put it away in savings but I also feel like since it's a gift I deserve to do something fun with it, so one of three things happens: I put it in savings and it becomes a tiny and unmemorable part of my larger nest egg, I spend it on something frivolous and feel guilty, or I delay so long deciding between those two options I end up frittering it away on things like getting gas, getting take out etc. Just give me the nice fancy crockpot that I will enjoy using for years to come so I don't have to make these decisions!

    I love giving and getting presents so I love showers. I don't even mind the games if they aren't TOO embarrassing!

    All of this is exactly how I feel! Money is great, but it will almost always just sit in my savings account or end up being used for groceries or bills.