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  • BYOB? Facebook groups are dangerous

    So I'm part of a Wedding Resale Group on Facebook. I joined because, you never know, right? 
    Well, mostly I find a lot of burlap and bad advice. 

    Most recently, I saw a post about a Bride who wanted to do her reception as BYOB, and wanted to know how she could include that in her invitations. -twitches-. 
    Her reasoning was that she doesn't like to drink (not for any religious or sobriety reasons, just doesn't like it), but knows her guests would like to drink. The only solution? Host her guests properly. Make them bring their own booze! 

    I was shocked that only a handful of people (myself included) warned her against that. (Most of those people called it 'tacky', but I think having your guests bring anything to the reception other than themselves is 'rude'). She said that isn't comfortable paying for alcohol for her guests. Most people echoed the "It's your day, do whatever you want!" 
    One person went as far as to say that guests should "register" their alcohol with the venue's bartender, and have those persons wear wristbands, and only those people who brought alcohol would be allowed to drink, and may only drink what they brought. 

    Of course, a couple people said that she just needs to do a cash bar. Luckily, a couple people piped up and said that cash bars are just as bad.  

    Sounds like a disaster in the making to me.

    What do you guys think? Would you mind a BYOB reception? I know I'd give some serious side-eye to it. It makes me think of potlucks, and that is just a big no no. But if something were like a casual backyard BBQ type of reception, I might side-eye it a little less. 

    Have you guys seen any of this malarkey on Facebook or any other boards? Any good stories? (I'm bored). 
  • Re: Where can I find different colored shoes?

    @tragetee exactly, the hell conversation was not directed at you. You know your bridesmaids, I don't, so you know what they are comfortable with, and it seems like you let her make her own decision which is fantastic. I think your idea is cute and it was very nice of you to purchase their shoes. I think it'll look great! 
  • Re: Where can I find different colored shoes?

    @PamBeesly524  @justsie  in her defense, many tall women don't always want to wear super high heels. One of my best friends is 6ft and would prefer a shorter heel or flats, a couple other of my tall friends prefer that too

    Yes. Me. I'm 5'11'' and I don't wear heels, I just don't. I don't like having to bend 90 degrees at the waist to talk to everybody. Some tall girls love heels, but I am one that would rather barf. I also have bad ankles, so they hurt.
    (And FI is an inch or so shorter than me. He says he loves the way I look in heels but that he feels like he's my child when he walks with me).
    I was in a wedding where the bride made me wear heels, even though I asked not to. So I'm hoping OP asked her BM's preference.
    Is this a common thing with women who are tall? My friend who is 6ft has bad ankles also.
    {side note: my friend's bf is shorter than her and he loves her in heels! :P! And I told my ladies, as long as they're comfy they can wear ballet flats for the wedding}
    I'm not sure if it's a tall thing or not. I rarely, if ever, meet a woman who is as tall as me XD But my ankles are bad from a volleyball injury in 7th grade that I probably should have received medical attention for, but instead walked it off. lol
  • Re: Help with Allure dress size?

    Always go bigger. I'm 5'11'' and a street size 12 and my wedding dress is an 18. Bridal sizing is much different. Also, sometimes where they say the "hip" measurement is means different things to different people. Also, I've lost 20 lbs, but my dress still did not need taken in, so don't bank on losing weight. Bridal sizes are much different than regular clothes. 
    Always better cut it down than to let it out, or stress too much about your weight.
  • Re: Looking for ideas

    VADI said:
    VADI said:
    I was planning on posting about reception stuff in the reception forum. Obviously there are other things than favors to think about.... but it's the DIY part of our wedding, thought it was appropriate here.........
    It's totally the appropriate place to post just too soon to worry! :)
    LOL I'm a planner. I like having a plan... and I can't plan anything else right now... but I can plan favors! ahhaha
    I'm a planner too, and if you're anything like me, you'll change your mind 20 times. It's probably a good idea to have some ideas and write them down with costs, but my advice is to definitely get the big things out of the way first, and stress about the little stuff later. :)