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  • Re: Mother of the Groom Deceased, and FIL is Engaged. How do I write the program?

    My father and DH's mother both passed away, but our living parents are with new partners now. I struggled too with wording, but it was actually DH's suggestion to do something like this in the program:

    Father of the Groom: A and his wife B
    Mother of the Bride: C and her fiance D

    As far as honoring our deceased parents, we had a little blurb on the program that mentioned those we have lost (and that we know they're celebrating today), and referred to them as Mom and Dad (with their full names in parenthesis). I think it was pretty clear who we were talking about. We also had a table at the reception with their pictures. Nothing overboard, just keep it simple. 
  • Re: Do I invite my step sisters and their boyfriends/fiancé ?

    For what it's worth, I don't have much of a relationship with my step sister and don't see her too much. There's nothing bad with our relationship, we're just not that close and have different interests and such. However, we're always included in each others' big life events, and I absolutely invited her plus her boyfriend (who I had probably spoken a total of five words to before) to my wedding and was very happy I did. The two of them had a great time and I truly think it improved our relationship.. when we see each other the mood is fun and comfortable. The two of them actually just got engaged themselves and I am over the moon for them.

    To be honest, knowing someone since you were 6 is a pretty big deal, and the fact that you still see them 3-6 times a year is also pretty frequent. I don't think I see some of my first cousins more than once a year.
  • Re: After-party...what would you wear?

    Keep it on! It's really the last time you'll wear it. I kept mine on but threw on my husband's work hoodie which made for some funny pics.
  • Re: What to serve for Xmas Eve?

    if you are doing mac and cheese you could also do a pulled pork in the crockpot and do pulled pork sandwiches -- little BBQ theme. Maybe get some baked beans and coleslaw too.
  • Re: Do parents really want a wedding photo album?

    We gave both sets of parents a shutterfly album I made with our professional wedding photos. DH's parents received an album that was mostly pics of their family + their friends (and not mine), and my parents received an album that was mostly pics of my family + friends. Both albums had a little bit of the same stuff, but it was obvious which one was for which family, if that makes sense. They both really liked their albums.. my mom has it out for her friends who want to see when they come over.