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  • Re: Wednesday

    Hello - Babypants is doing a lot better thanks to amoxicillin. And no sign of any type of allergy to the meds either, so there's another win right there!

    We are getting snow today - a "snowstorm" that was way overhyped (shocking, I know). The most we are going to get in the Boston area I think is about 3". And yet there are people who didn't come into the office today because of "all the snow we are getting." This is New England, people! It's a measly 3"!! If people around here can't handle that, then maybe it's a good thing they stayed home lol. 

    Other than that, SSDD. I've been up since 3:30 again, so I am really looking forward to jammies and an early bedtime tonight!
  • Re: When women aren't taken seriously

    Honestly, personal reaction if this dude hugged me I would have flipped shit. I'm a huggy person*, but not from people I don't know.
    If I don't know you, don't touch me. End of story. I would have yelled - nice version "LET ME THE FUCK GO" or "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME" - or just generally screamed.

    *note: I prefer to hug people than receive hugs.
    So, I really hope you are not actually implying that she did anything wrong. Because that's what it sounds like you are doing.

    In theory, yes, screaming/yelling/being generally loud sound like a good, rational idea. However, as a rape survivor I can tell you that what sounds good in theory does not always work in real life. In that situation, it's natural to have a silent frozen reaction. Your mind is racing. If you're loud he could snap - and if he's a lot stronger than you, that means danger. If you're quiet, he could keep hurting/violating you. In the moment, it's a lose/lose situation. 

    And all too often people use hindsight to point out what the survivor did wrong. Or they put themselves in the situation and offer hypotheticals. Which they may mean to be helpful, but really, it just comes across as more victim blaming. "If I were in the situation, I would have handled it better by screaming/yelling/insert better action here."

    I hope this isn't what you meant. But please. Tread lightly.
  • Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

    levioosa said:
    So, yoghurt douching is actually recommended by some health care providers. The evidence is limited however. You'd probably see it much more with Functional Medicine type providers. You can also get vaginal probiotics, but the evidence doesn't suggest that it is overwhelmingly better/more successful at treating conditions over oral ingestion of probiotics, and it isn't suggested as primary treatment, only supplementary treatment. So far there isn't evidence that garlic/tea tree oil does anything for the vagina. And honestly, putting tea tree oil on an already angry vagina just sounds like a terrible day to me. This is also more specific to bacterial vaginosis, not necessarily candidiasis or the million other conditions the vagina can have. In all seriousness though, if you have some funk...get thee to the clinic.  

    If you use blueberry or pomegranate or acai, you can get the additional benefits of antioxidants!

    Sorry...I couldn't resist.  :D
  • Re: The Monday-est of Monday

    It's snowing here too, but there was no one on the roads so my commute was a breeze this morning. Sucks about your crappy calls/crappy people, but congrats on your organization progress! I love weekends like that - you feel like a burden has been lifted (and lol at the Step Brothers meme!!) 

    Weekend was okay - Babypants was up half the night Friday and then again on Saturday night. She was otherwise okay so I didn't think anything of it until yesterday morning when she woke up screaming (so unlike her - she's the biggest morning person I know) and burning up with a fever. Luckily her pediatrician has weekend hours so off to the doc we went. Poor thing has a double ear infection. Gave her the first dose yesterday morning which was immediately followed by a 3.5-hour nap. Three doses of amoxicillin later she is starting to act like her normal chipper self again. Plus her fever is gone. Hooray! She'll be on the meds for the next 9 days - but oh what a difference they have already made!

    Quiet day at the office here for once. I will be able to actually get stuff done and really devote some good creative juices to my new project. 
  • Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

    MRDCle said:
    levioosa said:
    The whole alkaline thing drives be bonkers. Do you know what it means if your pH is alkaline for real? Bad bad things. Like hospitalization and death bad things. And people can stfu with their alkaline vaginas. Vaginas are supposed to be acidic. It’s what keeps out bacteria and a host of other problems. 
    TBH the salt water was one of the LEAST awful things they were suggesting she put up there.  Cloves of garlic, packing it full of yogurt, a tampon soaked in EOs....

    So I'm in a mom group and one of the moms was asking for a "home remedy" on how to avoid being Group B Strep positive. The things people were saying were outrageous. Packing her vagina full of yogurt was one suggestion. 

    I mean, the entire conversation translated to "I don't trust doctors. I would rather take advice from crunchy, uneducated internet moms who have "done their research" (aka spent some time googling and only clicking on links that overuse the words natural, organic, and coconut oil).
    LOL yogurt vag. People will believe whatever is on the interwebs. I also blame Gwyneth Paltrow/goop and her vag steaming/jade eggs/peeing in the shower/bee sting remedies.