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  • Re: Coffee Service Dilemma

    abl13 said:

    I've never had coffee at a wedding before so you might not need as much as you think. Just have your caterer provide it and it should be pretty cheap.

    As for tipping your bartender, I don't carry cash with me ever. So they wouldn't be getting a tip from people like myself, so you'll likely end up having to tip them yourself anyways. Just keep that in mind.

    Same here. I rarely have cash. Even if I did, I would side-eye the tip jar since I would assume the bartender wasn't supposed to put it out and did anyway, since the hosts should be paying the bartender's tip.
  • Re: Red hair help!

    I loved my red hair but I gave it up because I hated how quickly it faded. I didn't use harsh shampoo but it definitely faded a bit after each wash. Before using harsher shampoo's I'd consider just washing it more frequently but still condition to keep your hair healthy. Also when I gave up on red and wanted to go back to blonde rather that bleaching my whole head my hairdresser gave me very heavy blonde highlights. I loved that look, You could still see a bit of the faded red but it honestly complemented the blonde in a really great way. Good luck.
    I hated how much it faded. I got bored of the blond after a while and went back red. I went with a darker red that starts off as a blackish-red then fades to a dark red. I like it more because while it still fades, it fades red rather than an odd brownish color.
  • Re: How to Avoid Added Guests to RSVP

    geebee908 said:
    That "less committed" couple's wedding could be the next one you're invited to. You can't make those judgments which is why you don't apply any kind of filter on the seriousness of anyone relationship.
    If you are invited to their wedding. This is something that really pisses me off. My cousin got kicked off our guest list when she didn't invite my FI to her wedding but invited me.
  • Re: Your friend is an idiot and you say nothing at work.

    I read somewhere a few years ago (not sure where) that "partner" outside of the US such as the UK or Australia was used synonymously as "husband" or "wife" regardless of the sexuality of the couple. Like how Mary on Sherlock is played by Martin Freeman's real life partner.
  • Re: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Guys, you need to give OP a break! She's like, literally, only two decades old!!!
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