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  • Re: My daughter is using me as emergency daycare

    I, too, am really curious about the previous dynamic. Motherhood is hard enough with a partner. Single motherhood? That woman may be very overwhelmed and not thinking straight about her actions. 
  • Re: Prudie, Prudie, Prudie! (It always reminds me of the Rudy chant)

    Did I miss the Prudie discussion of the grandmother-to-be (a nurse!) who was upset her DIL wouldn't let her in the delivery room for the arrival of the first grandchild...?

    Because that was some cray cray shit right there. 

    Our parents were totally cool not being in the delivery room and elected to camp out in the waiting area... but early on as I was pushing, a nurse came in and said there was a call for the room. DH ran out and his mom was crying with worry. He was like, dude mom she's pushing, everything's fine. Chill. She's a nurse too and I thought she'd be steadier than that. 
    I don't get wanting other people in the room. I was weirded out being an ultrasound with DD and SIL. There is no way I would want to be in the delivery room. I've known people who have just about had the entire family in there - aunts, siblings. I couldn't have handled that crap.
    Entire family is just odd to me too! It's not a spectator sport. 
  • Re: Can I help this friend?

    Raises hand re: education and current work. 

    I agree with the heartless advice of tough love. She is your friend, but she is not your responsibility especially if she refuses to help herself. The previous advice about giving resources for homeless shelters, etc is great. Enabling drives me nuts. 
  • Re: Robes for bridesmaids

    You know... I'll also point out that those getting ready photos now look so staged. Honestly, one of my favorite non-professional photos is a selfie- me and my BFF with our hair and makeup done making crazy faces in the full-length mirror. I'm wearing a pink button-down with jeans and she's wearing yoga pants and an old sorority t-shirt. There are no pictures of us girls toasting with champagne or anything, but that picture embodies the spirit of our friendship way more! 
  • Re: Spring break honeymoon?

    I would also venture that if you went to a more romantic, higher-end resort that's marketed more towards couples you'll probably avoid the spring breakers. I don't know how much budget is a consideration for you but the college kids aren't booking Sandals, know what I mean?