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  • Re: Has anyone opted for the Engaged Encounter Weekend?

    Our dioceses has us have several meetings with a sponsor couple and an engagement retreat (it's not called Engaged Encounter, but I guess it's similar). Our retreat is next week. I am actually really excited for it -- I think it will help solidify some of the details about the wedding ceremony itself, and also give us an opportunity to meet with other couples getting married in our area. I'm sure everybody will be there from different paths of life, but I am still interested in meeting them.

    If I had a choice, however, I am really enjoying our time with our sponsor couple. It is very intimate yet also casual. They are reviewing our FOCCUS tests with us gradually, with lots of tangents, but touching on lots of important points. FI and I have found ourselves discussing a lot of topics more afterwards thanks to their direction. Well worth it, if that's an option. 
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  • Re: Anyone have non-traditional engagement rings?

    My ring is platinum with a small diamond, and was my great-grandmother's (she left it to me). I had always wanted to reuse it since I was a little girl since I found it meaningful and special. I had my dad keep it, and he gave it to my fiance, who then gave it to me. My fiance and I haven't resized it yet (although we plan to), so for now I wear it around a chain. It may not be incredibly traditional, but it's a symbol to both my fiance and me, and that's all that really matters to us. 
  • Re: Parental Say in College Majors

    *waves* Double major in humanities here, and masters in humanities. Could only find job teaching high school, which was not what I wanted. It may work for some people, but it just didn't fit me well, and I really wish I had had my parents or an advisor sit me down and talk about the practicality of career advising beforehand. Now I'm in law school, which I'm feeling very good about, but I'm one of the "old" students, and it hurts at times when I see my friends from undergrad buying houses while I sink further into debt. 

    I don't think a humanities degree was in any way worthless, and I loved what I studied. But I also love the idea of being able to afford regular- person groceries. If I had a child that really wanted to go for it, I would like to think I'd support it. I just think that you need to have very serious discussions about the realism of what kind of jobs you can get and want to get at an early stage in the game -- and this talk includes salaries and geographic mobility and whatnot. Sadly, a lot of students in these fields don't get this info until late in the game, if at all. 
  • Re: Convalidation ceremony?

    monkeysip said:
    On the one hand, you've been living in a legal marriage, and I'm presuming living as husband and wife this whole time.  So it's not like you're getting married for the first time.  On the other hand, you are officially getting married *in the church*, so that IS cause for celebration.

    If it were me, I would probably buy a nice dress, invite my loved ones, and have a party after to celebrate.  But I would NOT do a registry, a shower, bridal party, etc.  I also wouldn't have a "first dance", although you can certainly dance with your husband :)  
    Just one small quibble with this phrasing. Technically, your are having your marriage officially recognized by the Church. The Church recognizes that your ARE married already, so I agree that you need to recognize this too, and not try to "redo" a wedding. But at the same time, this is a big cause for celebration, as @monkeysip said, and I like her ideas of how to celebrate. In a certain way, I'd think of the celebration to be a bit akin to a Vow Renewal one -- because basically you are renewing and "updating" your vows to be in line with the full Catholic understanding of marriage.

    I wouldn't do a "first dance", but you could still have a husband-wife dance. And instead of having your father walk you down the aisle (if that is something you were thinking of), you can have your husband walk down with you (which is, actually, the actual old Catholic tradition anyway!).  Personally, if I were in your shoes, I don't know if I would go all out for an actual wedding dress (it's up to you -- some people may frown on it though since you technically aren't a "bride", you're already a wife!), but I would probably get myself a really elegant white or ivory cocktail dress without a veil (again, some people may even frown on wearing a white dress . . . but if I were a guest, I'd say go ahead. White dresses can be worn for more than just your wedding day).

    I agree also to refrain from showers and bridal parties. 

  • 3 Day Weekend!

    Less than 10 days until Labor Day weekend, and I am basically living for it right now. 

    DH started his new job two weeks ago and is exhausted transitioning into the schedule. He went from the sweet life of dissertating (okay, maybe not that "sweet" -- he worked his ass off on that paper, but at least he did so at his own pacing) to teaching high school with 5 preps/ day. Teaching high school was never his heart's deepest desire to begin with, but it was the practical job after his dissertation since it offered decent pay and benefits and he had experience teaching at the college level. He has been feeling the first year teacher blues big time right now. Having gone through that before myself, I sympathize but also am encouraging him to just hang in there. 

    I started classes last week and am already slammed with work. You know those joke Venn diagrams where the two pie charts never overlap? If one was labeled "Be a supportive wife" and the other was "Be a good student", that's basically how I feel right now. Trying to be both these things at once is driving me nuts right now. 

    We're getting out of Dodge for Sunday/Monday to go see  DH's favorite baseball team and just enjoy the hotel's Happy Hour and indoor pool. I cannot wait. 

    Anybody else?