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  • Last Minute Mishaps

    Some of you have shared a few of these before, and they're always great. FI and I had our first comical "thing gone wrong" last night around 11pm -- when we let our dog out to potty before bedtime last night, he got full on sprayed by a skunk in the yard. I had read online the best time to tackle a sprayed dog is as soon as possible so the stuff doesn't dry onto their fur. So FI and I suited up in old rain gear and yellow kitchen gloves (essentially our homemade hazmat suits!) and scrubbed pooch down at midnight with the garden hose. A bunch of peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn dish soap later, and I think we might be okay. 

    The wedding is in 3 days. I'm having several bridesmaids who are staying at the house starting tonight through Friday, and a BBQ in our backyard the day after the wedding with some friends . Hopefully any lingering skunk smell in the yard will have mostly dissipated by then!

    At this point, though, even midnight skunk adventures aren't really phasing us. We're both just super excited for the weekend.

    Any good blunder stories others have to share?
  • Gift or gesture when you cannot attend bachelorette party?

    I am very excited to be a BM for one of my good friends from undergrad. I am not able to attend her bachelorette party (at Harry Potter World! Super awesome!) due to conflict with grad school and expense. I feel bad because she's a dear friend, and it sounds like it will be a great time! Should I try to send a gift in my absence? What is the etiquette for when you have to miss a pre-wedding party as a bridesmaid? 
  • Mismatched groomsmen?

    I am interested in your thoughts and opinions on this. My wedding will be in the summer, and going for earthy-tones for the wedding. The bridesmaids are going to be mismatched (they can choose any knee-length dress that fits their body and budget best, either peach or green). After conferring with a few of the groomsmen, FI and I like the idea of have them be mismatched also, with some in vests & ties, some in suspenders & ties, somewhat akin the the photo attached below (but different colors -- we are thinking charcoal gray with brown shoes). The best man came up with this idea, and I really like it. The groom would stand out as the one guy in a full suit.

    However, I just talked with my parents, whom I want to respect since they are helping fund a lot of the wedding (although the groomsmen will be paying for their attire), and my father did not like the idea that the groomsmen would not all look the same. He and my mother also did not seem to think that brown shoes are proper for gray suits. 

    What are your thoughts? (1) Is it acceptable to have mismatched groomsmen, or is this too casual? (2) Do brown shoes work with gray suits, or should I do black shoes? And, (3), even if mismatched is okay, should I avoid it if it bothers my parents who are bankrolling most of the wedding, or go with what the groomsmen themselves prefer who will be paying for their own attire?