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  • Re: Ballet dancers and african dancers at the reception? AW or not?

    Every time I go to a wedding I am itching to get on the dance floor.  I would be bored waiting through toasts and all of these dances and would be super annoyed, because during that time I'm stuck in my seat and can't really talk to anyone.  Absolutely no the the ballet dancers, but the African dancers, if kept to about 5 minutes or so, wouldn't be terrible.  If they weren't from your or FI's cultures though I would think it was super weird and random.
  • Re: invitations

    I agree with @levioosa that it's something harmless and won't affect your guests' comfort even thought it's technically against etiquette.  I received an invite with printed labels before and never thought twice about it until I came on The Knot and learned that it wasn't appropriate.  Honestly I think that unless it's a black tie or super formal wedding, if someone wants to side-eye you for using a pre-printed label they need to relax. 
  • Re: Food for kids with a babysitter during wedding?

    I agree with PPs, if you have a no kids wedding then this is the consequence.  I don't know a lot of people who would leave their children with someone they don't know, especially in a room of some hotel/resort where they can't see them. 
  • Re: NWR: Baby Shower Etiquette

    I agree with @SP29 and was actually getting ready to say the same thing.  If she gets all upset about it, remind her - "YOU gave me YOUR guest list and that's how we chose the venue.  YOU decided last minute to add more guests that we can't fit."

    I emphasize "you" because she's being rude and ungrateful and I'm mad for you. 
  • Re: Thinking about An unplugged ceremony?

    I read your headline and was prepared to unleash all of my days' frustrations in a long paragraph of why I hate unplugged weddings, and then your actual post made everything better :smile:

    Glad you had a great wedding and that you have nice photos to look at!