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  • Re: Possible best friend back out d/t money concerns

    I like JellyBean's response. That said, is her birthday in the near future? Or anything like that? Personally, I'd pop a plane ticket in a birthday card, and send it off(well, online confirmation, JIC it gets lost).

    That, or if you're super super close, send it in a "Miss You" card, and include a letter telling her that it means that much to you, that she's there. But in case there's something else going on, that she's not willing to admit right now, I'd make it a refundable fare.

    OMFG, ya'll been hanging out at WW huh?

    Jeez. It's all "you're special, I'm special, we're just a bunch of special fkrs" over there now :( They kicked off/temp suspended all the "greats" for keeping it honest, and wtf now it's all goody goody horseshit. 
  • Re: WTF?(or am I the only 1?)

    YES YES YES!!!

    x years later, and kids, now they/she wants a big wedding for family etc. BUT, her post made it seem like outside of her and her H, only 3 people have known they're already married. So they're essentially celebrating the fact that they ended up falling in love, and that they're still together.

  • Re: We post on here for support not ridicule...right?

    the responses were pretty tame for the site actually.

    and all responses on your threads, were correct.

    You DON'T NEED an even BP, you don't even need one to begin with. It's a CHOICE. Neither of you can dictate one another's side, unless it's a REAL issue(an ex, etc).

    Grandma can pick her own shit. Who cares if it's pink and Hawiaiin(sp, wtf)? IT'S THE BEACH. She's old. Let her dress for comfort, and what is OBVIOUSLY(in the mind of the elders) a CASUAL setting.

    Move away from you sister, if she's such a Debbie Downer. Who needs the negativity?!

    and FYI, only YOU can plan your wedding. NO one else. do what's in your budget, stop whining when you got perfect advice(albeit snarky and honest!), and KEEP CALM AND CARRY THE FK ON!!!

    calm down, it ain't that serious!

    and here's what you tell those who are "forcing" you to do something

  • Re: The worst wedding trends on Pinterest...

    I agree with the above poster that stylistic stuff doesn't bother me that much. What DOES drive me nuts on Pinterest, however is: 

    - super young girls who have amassed thousands of ideas for their "future wedding" before they can even legally get married. I guess most of us thought about what we'd like "one day", but Pinterest enables all sorts of unhealthy obsessing.

    -  pinning a ton of contrived "must have" pics.  I can't imagine the day of my wedding wanting to stand there for hours while the photographer precisely places one of our rings in the foreground so he can get us in the middle of it kissing in the background. *huge eye roll*

    -  4+ carat rings with tags like "so simple and dainty! Some day ... " (generally pinned by the demographic in #1)

    - lists of ridiculous bridesmaid duties. ("Have one of your bridesmaids carry a tray of bottled beer to the groomsmen before the ceremony!") Ain't no one got time for that 

    -3D wedding "nail art" 

    So many things make me ragey on Pinterest, but that's all I've got for now. 

    OMG alllllll that^^^

    I hate Mumford & Sons. When I hear that on the country station, it makes me want to call and scream at them :-/

    The gun thing??!! Is the groom on horse back and the bride Pocahontas?! I'm country as hell, and even me and fh were like "WTF"!?!?    I could see every (probably uninvited) child grabbing one and going stupid with it.

    mason jars are eh, to each their own. Burlap? Lace? wouldn't put satin on a potato before putting it in the oven, would you?!(some retard somewhere is going "OMG does it taste better?!")