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Hey Ladies! We are getting married Sept 27, 2014. I am trying to decide where to go on our honeymoon to avoid hurricanes and still have nice weather. Where are you all going for your honeymoons? I want all inclusive, beachy resort. :) Thanks!

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  • 9/27 here too! :) yesterday was 11 months!!!

    We are leaving on the 29th and going to Hawaii.  Not all inclusive though.  Going to Maui and Kauai for 2 weeks. (and can NOT come soon enough!!)

    I think the Caribbean you may be more apt to hit hurricanes... We were in St. Martin late August (where we actually got engaged).  Was pretty- but I would recommend the Dutch side.  We stayed on the French side for the first 6 nights and Dutch for last night.  

    It was about a month earlier than the 27th of September but we had great weather!!! high 80s and sunny everyday! 
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  • I am also going to Hawaii, but same boat as @carly324- not all inclusive.  We wanted to go to Thailand, but September is in the middle of the rainy season and we were worried about weather.  

    I went to the Dominican Republic in September 2 years ago (girls trip) and the weather was beautiful- mid 80s every day.  Here's a link to the resort I stayed on.  It was all inclusive and very nice.  I would definitely go back.  
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  • @kmdassow See you in Hawaii! :) 
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    We are getting married on September 6, 2014. We are going to Aruba and are staying at the Bucuti & Tara Resort.  It is the only adult-only resort on the island.  It is not all-inclusive however.  Aruba is not in the hurricane belt and is absolutely beautiful and warm all year round.  Good luck in planning your honeymoon.
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  • We are getting hithed on the 26th! ;)

    we  are going to ireland/scotland and possibly london :)  I'm not a beachy person and i'm in florida so i'm surrounded by them lol

  • We are getting married on the 21st.  My fiance and I were in Jamaica in July (where we got engaged) so we wanted to go with something different for our honeymoon.  He is really we decided on Bar Harbor, Maine.  Since we just did tropical, we wanted something different!

    Good luck in your planning!
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  • @aluzardo - I'm the 26th also!  You have one of the destinations on my list of possibilities!  He's been, I haven't.  We haven't even talked about honeymoon, as I am a teacher, so we won't be leaving right after the wedding anyway.  HM likely won't be until 2015.
  • I was glad to come on TK tonight, and I must say... I have been struggling with going on a honeymoon or not.  We are both so busy and I HATE to fly unless I must.... We are in San Diego and were discussing a cruise to either hawaii or mexico... who knows.. lol
  • Where are yall going to in Hawaii @carly324 @kmdassow ? My friend just HIGHLY recommended this place


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    @Kdwhitley81 we are going to Maui and Kauai.  We are flying into Maui for a few days and then Kauai for a few then spending the last 3 nights back in Maui and we are staying at the Four Seasons in Maui! Kauai we are looking at The St. Regis... but will only be for a few nights.  We are going for 2 weeks... SO EXCITED!!! :) I have got other suggestions from friends.. the Grand Hyatt is really nice as well as the Grand Wailea.  

    We can all honeymoon in Hawaii :) cant wait to hear what you end up picking!
  • We decided to go to the Eastern Caribbean.  I'd been once before, about 15 years ago, and we both decided that it would be a lot of fun.  I grew up on the coast and am used to tropical storms and hurricanes.

    October is a bit late in the hurricane season, with it running from June 1 to November 30.  By October, the waters are starting to cool to the point where the storms just don't get the umph they need to become full-fledged hurricanes.  This is why we chose to take a cruise from Charleston, SC.  I honestly think we'll be fine.
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    I got stuck in Mexico during hurricane Wilma in mid October 2005 for 12 days. Awful experience. Men with guns, no food, phones or transportation. Just don't want to risk it again. Although I know it's not common. Just being extra cautious :-)
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    My fiance and I are thinking about South of France, but since we have to take our honeymoon in December with my school schedule, we were thinking somewhere below the equator. Aruba sounds very nice!!

    We have been applying points to a points-based reward charge card and are hoping to put those to use for the vacation. We have also set up a account and have let our friends and family know about it through our wedding website.
  • Mizeryschild what cruise line and destination are you using?
  • @kdwhitley81 @carly324 We haven't gotten the official word on which island we are going to.  My fiance's mother is gifting us her Marriott vacation share and they had 6 locations for us to choose from.  We're waiting to get the official word on which one we got.  

    Our stay is only for a week though, and we were thinking about extending for an additional week if we can both get the time off.  I'll check out this link for sure!  
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  • We're not taking one right away. Our son will be two and well, we took a family trip to Toronto last weekend and that was stressful enough for me. FI isn't comfortable leaving him overnight with anyone yet (hopefully he's over that by next year...), so we'd have to take him with us if we were to go right afterwards.

    I'd love to go to Spain for a week for our first anniversary! Our son would be 3 then, so I see no problems with him hanging with grandma for a few days.
  • Our ceremony is Sept 20.  Were going for ten days immediately after to Curacao!
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    We are using Carnival Cruise Lines out of Charleston, going to the Eastern Caribbean - Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk.  Carnival Fantasy (yes she's an old ship, but i don't care. :D)
  • Hi! We are going to Jamaica right after our 9/13/14 wedding. My mom is my travel agent and she said hurricane season is really not that bad. She said it may rain for an hour each afternoon but she pointed out who doesn't need an hour break from the sun? She is so right- in Cancun last year we were dying in the sun and we napped in the hotel each afternoon. Also it's a lot cheaper at that time of year so go for it!

  • We are going on a cruise to hawaii.. we aren't sure what line yet. :)
  • Hello! I'm getting married September 6th 2014.  We've booked a Royal Carribean cruise to the western carribean!!
  • We're getting married on September 19 and are heading out to Europe for our HM the following Sunday. I used to live in Paris, so we'll be spending the first week there in an apartment so I can show FI around my favorite city. Then we'll spend a 2nd week on a cruise leaving out of Spain to get a little bit of the all-inclusive feel! We've booked our cabin, but we'll be watching the website 2-3 weeks running up to our wedding date hoping they'll put the super pricey suites on sale. If they do and they're not too much more than what we already paid, we'll probably bump ourselves up! I typically travel outside of the US once a year, but it's been almost 2 years since my last trip so I'm really looking forward to this - and SO looking forward to showing FI around Europe :)
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  • We are getting married on 9/26 also and we are planning on Riviera Maya in Mexico, staying at the Valentin and it is all inclusive, which after all the payments we will have to make in the next few months will be a blessing!

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  • Wedding is 9/21, we are delaying the honeymoon until early December due to another dear friend's wedding and my crazy work schedule-- my busiest time of year is October-November.
    As of right now, we're planning a Disneymoon.  We're both huge art/animation nerds and FI is a kid at heart so I know we'll have a blast!
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    As of this weekend we have the honeymoon narrowed down to 2 options: my parents' timeshare in Myrtle Beach, or a nice getaway in a mountain cabin in Hot Springs. Either way we're spending under $1000!
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  • We just booked ours last night! 7 nights in Spain, leaving the afternoon after the wedding. :):):) Almost chose Hawaii, lol.

  • Booked our hotel yesterday! We are going to Disney World for a week. I already have an annual pass, my mom owns a Disney Vacation Club timeshare so the hotel is 'free'. So the big things for us will be a park ticket for my FI, airfare (have a credit on Southwest so that will cover some of the cost), and food. So excited!
  • We are waiting until January. I'm a teacher at a university and I have a break then. My fiancé will also have more vacation days. We are thinking Costa Rica, Hawaii or someplace warm but not just beaches. Using a boatload of frequent flyer miles to help cover some costs! Any other suggestions appreciated!
  • I feel like like picking the honeymoon is the hardest part for me! lol Like everyone said, hurricane season takes away a bunch of places. We were thinking the Tara suites in Aruba, somewhere in Belize, or my dream would be Greece. I don't really want to spend more than $6K. I like the beach but my FI gets bored and can't sit on the beach all day. Any suggestions are more than welcome!
  • We are going to Cabo to one of their Secrets resorts. Has a beach but really can't swim in the ocean there. BUT it is out of hurricane zone being in the Pacific Ocean. We got an all inclusive resort adults only for 7 days and 6 nights for $3500. Plus airfare. Has really great reviews. 
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