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Re: Honeymoons??

  • I feel like like picking the honeymoon is the hardest part for me! lol Like everyone said, hurricane season takes away a bunch of places. We were thinking the Tara suites in Aruba, somewhere in Belize, or my dream would be Greece. I don't really want to spend more than $6K. I like the beach but my FI gets bored and can't sit on the beach all day. Any suggestions are more than welcome!
    @SarahDee25 This is why we chose Spain. Gorgeous beaches in Barcelona and Ibiza, but lots of history and food to explore when we inevitably get bored. And it's in the low-mid 80's in September with no hurricanes! I think we spent about $4k on airfare and hotels.

  • We are getting married on 9/27, and just booked a week at Secrets St. James in Jamacia!!

    We booked with a travel agent, and got insurance that covers everything for any reason. So if it looks like it "might" be bad weather, we can cancel for a full refund and book for later!

    BUT i am crossing my fingers we have no weather issues! Our travel agent told us, and I agree, that the chances of getting hit the specific week you're going on the specific island you're going to is slim--so we are going for it!  We got a phenomenal deal bc of the time of year and were able to upgrade to the preferred club and still stay under budget! I have heard great things about Secrets! :) can't wait!
  • @Aschondel84 we just decided we are doing Disney too!  We had been planning Aruba but one night I was saying I wanted to go to Disney in the next year or so and my FI said we should just go for the honeymoon!  I am so excited and planning is so much more fun now.  We are going to stay at one of the resorts that has a beach and we are planning on doing a couple days there so we will get a mix of relaxing and doing things. 
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