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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • besides a little WTF Self (and H) for not planning, or even really thinking about planning the AHR.
    I've got no complaints!! I love my new car, my new position is going great and we got a TON done around the yard this weekend!!!
  • @WinoGrrl---That's awesome!

    Question: I can tell you've been putting a lot of pressure on yourself re: the AHR--would you feel like you missed anything if you didn't do it?

    As for WTF it's kind of directed at Roxy (my dog). I really wish she could talk sometime and tell my why she's not feeling good. She had a very upset stomach earlier this week that landed us in the emergency vet at 3am but now seems to be fine. I just wish I knew if it was related to the meds I have her on or if it was truly unrelated (did she eat something that disagreed with her or did she have some kind of parasite?) I know I have said it before but I just love her so much and it really takes a toll on me physically and emotionally when she's not well. 
  • WTF self! I'm breaking out so badly lately and I know it's because I have been eating terribly, all junk all the time, and I keep telling myself I will stop eating so badly but then I do it anyway because I'm tired or have no time to go to the grocery store and cook actual real food. My face can not be this hideous for my wedding so I have to step it up. I just ordered a lot of face stuff (cleansers, toners, moisturisers) hoping that helps too...
  • mmm4763 I totally would be happy not doing it, but we included it in our invitations and folks are STILL asking us months later when it is. ugh. I'll figure something out.
  • WTF: Skin!!!  my eczema is acting up so badly and it's under my breast (Sorry for the overshare)  but it is horrible.  BOOOOO 
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