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Tipping Our Engagement Photographer?


I am going this weekend to get my engagement pictures done. I hired a photographer just to do the engagement pictures because my wedding photographer is booked until December and is gifting us a Spring engagement session. I hired him because I needed to do our Save the Date picture and also cause I wanted Fall pictures. My question is do I tip him? And if so, what is the usual amount? I have already paid his fee and I also paid a travelling fee so I am just wondering what the correct etiquette is. Thanks!

Re: Tipping Our Engagement Photographer?

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    Sounds like he is an independent photographer? If so, tipping is not necessary.

    You may want to send a nice holiday card with a note of thanks after you receive the photos. Writing up nice reviews on Yelp or wedding sites are always appreciated, too.
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    I tipped our engagement photographer after I received the retouched engagement photos. I think I tipped 15 percent.  Like you, our wedding photographer did not have availability to do the engagement shoot. 
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    We did not tip becuuse he was the proprietor of his independent photography business. We gave him a great review everywhere we could though!
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    I would not tip a photographer for a regular portrait session or in this case an engagement session. A wedding is a little different IMHO - it takes all day and is more intense. 
    A portrait session is a fixed price and time. When I used to do senior photos on the side I never received or expected a tip.
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    IMO, tipping is never wrong - who doesn't want extra cash for doing something? 

    You could also get a small gift for your photographer - I just purchased this for my wedding photographer & her second shooter: 

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