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My atheism is showing

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My board just got invaded by a "futurepastorswife"?


Re: My atheism is showing

  • Sorry that the fact that I am marrying a Pastor offends you.
    Sorry that my username offends you.

    kmmssg[Deleted User]
  • Is this your board? I don't know if this post is really fair- she hasn't been over the top or even really talked about her faith that I've seen. I've seen a few of these call out posts lately and don't think they are cool. And I literally roll my eyes at half of the population at least. But the call out just seems very "let's be dramatic."

    Rebl90kmmssgdoeydo[Deleted User]
  • I'm pretty sure V was being a little tongue in cheek.  While she is vocal about her beliefs she has always been very respectful of other people. 

    I could be wrong, but I pray I'm right ;)  I had to V.

  • lol I was kind of feeling the same way about that username, but that may stem from the nasty note we got from my husband's aunt on our origami at the reception that pretty much told us that unless we embraced God in our lives and marriage, we were doomed to failure. Sorry, don't worship your God, won't ever worship your God, please respect that other philosophies exist.

  • I'm sure she is being a little tongue in cheek, but imagine being a new user and seeing this post? It doesn't seem respectful at all. Of course there are plenty of over the top ridiculous religious people, but I don't think you need to boo anyone's arrival until they actually does something you find offensive, pushy, rude.

  • @Fran1985 if you go around looking for what people say about you, you'll find something you don't like.  It seemed that user actively searched their name.  @VarunaTT came here to a place that she's always active in, a degree where she is respectful, knowledgeable and provides good discourse on a wide array of topics.

    Also, neenerneener.
  • @oface4eva - always the voice of reason and maturity. 

    Also, I'm giggle-snorting
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    Hahahaha.  I never knew posting this would cause such a reaction.

    I'm not offended.  More eyerolling. 

    Here, have this as a peace offering (this is also tongue in cheek):

    Removed so not everyone is seeing it 3x.
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    Hm, the picture isn't showing up:

    Removed so not everyone is seeing 3 times.
  • I see it twice, so now you're twice as mean.  way to go
  • Possibly offensive edit:  the eyerolling is from my belief that 1.  I would never pick a username that identified me by wrapping myself around someone else's identity and 2. a religious person feeling the need to broadcast their faith.  Futurewife would've been bad enough, future pastor's wife?  Are you hoping to be one of these:

  • That's weird, Oface, b/c I only see the one time.  Wonder if it's a weird browser interaction.
  • I see it three times.
  • Removed the other 2 (hopefully) so it's not taking up so much screen.

    It's weird, b/c it showed in my draft box, just not on the actual post.
  • @6fsn I did laugh at that.

    @Oface4eva Thank you for defending the, me.  :D

  • I wonder how that umbrella works if the husband doesn't believe in Christ.
  • Husband gets sucked away by a tsunami.  Duh.  (absolutely kidding)
  • Oface4eva said:
    Husband gets sucked away by a tsunami.  Duh.  (absolutely kidding)

    whew, good thing we live in the Midwest.
  • I'll be honest, my freethinking group in examining this had a lot of jokes about what the heck those dotted lines must be.  B/c the biggest umbrella should be keeping any rain off, right?
  • Didn't even notice that part! Hahaah
  • One of the women in my group is a former Quiverful member (I have many questions, but she has never offered up any information and I'm not about to ask.  Yes, she has 12 kids; I'm not sure if they're all biologically hers).  She says she was very familiar with this picture.  She didn't have an answer as to the dotted lines either.
  • ahh, the gothard Umbrella.  I believe my pupils dilate every time I see it :-P

  • Golden showers.   Duh.
  • i'm trying to figure out what one has to do with the other.
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  • I am astonished at this post/thread.  Never mind if it was "eyerolling" or "tongue in cheek".  Its plain rude.  

    I also will not apologize for my username, or the fact that I am beyond excited to be marrying a Pastor.  Being the wife of a Pastor is no easy task.  But it is a task that I look forward to.  I also see nothing wrong with the image/picture with the umbrellas.  That is how God designed the family. The husband is to love the wife and family as Christ loves the Church.  You don't have to agree, especially if you don't believe there is a God.  If there isn't a God in your opinion, then I don't see the issue or how you can be offended by something that doesn't exist.

    I didn't ask you to agree with it.  I haven't hit anyone on the head with a Bible.  I don't have a scripture in my siggy.  I have done nothing but look for info/tips on planning my wedding to the man that I love and who happens to be a Pastor.

    People are always so "Be tolerant of my beliefs" while I stomp all over yours.  Not exactly what I would call tolerant. Tolerance is a two way street.  I will respect your desire to not agree with me, if you respect my desire not to agree with.  

    In general I stick to the rule of, if I wouldn't say it to someone's face, then I shouldn't say it on the internet...
    NOLABridesmaidblueobsidian[Deleted User]margaritaaa
  • I  have not mocked anyone for their religion.  I have stated my beliefs and did nothing wrong.  Or singled anyone out beyond a name.  I have also stated I wasn't offended.  B/c I'm not.  

    And I haven't said anything I wouldn't say to your face.  B/c I haven't said anything to you.  You are the one that is offended.  
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