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  • You know, y'all are just offended b/c I said I was an atheist and then said I didn't like her name.  So you're assuming christian bashing.  Which isn't what happened.

    Wake up.  No one was oppressed or made fun of here.  I shared a picture, comments were made and questions.  No one was singled out.  
  • Actually, @VarunaTT, you DID single out futurepastorswife.  (just thought I'd point that out before our new friends did.)
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    No, I said "a" "futurepastorwife".  I didn't tag her and I haven't said anything rude specifically to her. 

    Edit:  I specifically didn't tag b/c I was laughing at myself, not her, that my nose wrinkled when I saw the username.  It's just rolled downhill from there.
  • I have to agree with her about the "be tolerant of my beliefs, while I stomp on yours".  I am a Christian, and have been on this board for 7+ years, I don't post as often as V, but I usually read everything.  I don't push my belief usually,  I have been sometimes offended about some comments, but I feel like thats what you get on a public board.  Do I agree with V's freethinking stuff, nope, but I don't make a post saying anything about it either.  And on many occassions I have felt like Christian things have been made fun of, it goes both ways, if you don't believe that's ok, but all Christians aren't over the top crazy people either.
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  • Where did I make fun of her beliefs, please?  I haven't said one damn thing about christians or if she's a crazy christian or over the top or anything.  As a matter of fact, the only time I've ever been critical of religion on this board is in reference to politics and when there was that insane post about how to have a catholic wedding.  I specifically don't call people out on their religious beliefs b/c I respect people's decision to chose to have faith as much as I chose to not have faith.

    Seriously, the criticism here would have to be about my feminism rather than my atheism, b/c I judged her for identifying herself by her husband rather than herself.
  • B/c I think it's crazy for a woman to identify themselves by their husband's position. Point blank.  Criticize me for that, fine.  It doesn't have to do with religion.  And I commented on it.  On a public board.

    And it's b/c I post here all the time.  I've also posted something similar when it's "childsname-mother" b/c I think that's silly too.
  • You know, I should've posted, My atheism and feminism is showing.

    But go ahead and keep ripping.  I know how this goes.  *yawn*
  • I also didn't say you in particular V - were making fun of Christian beliefs, I just said there have been comments on here lots of times over the years.  I really don't have the super skills that H does to remember specifics, it doesn't usually bother me or I wouldn't have stayed this long.  The crazy people you have mentioned picketing your events, I am not one of those.  I don't believe I am better than anybody, and don't push beliefs.  I will gladly share if asked and I have many times prayed for people on here, Christian or not.
  • Okay, I'll rescind then, @pegasuskat. I thought you were directing that to me.
  • People already know my feelings on this subject, but I will say that this isn't anything new.

    V, you did kinda single her out only based on her name, and not anything crazy that she posted. Religion is a hot button issue, and people are passionate on both sides. It isn't going to change anytime soon.



  • If she wants to, please post snark about Varuna:

  • As for the umbrella, that varies.  I am Southern Baptist, and we believe H & W are created equal, but that the man is the head of the household.  He isn't always right, and we don't believe (at least at the churches I have ever been in) that it means to abuse, just lead.  He is supposed to love like God, if he doesn't then he isn't earning that respect.  I know hardly anyone in my church that isn't a two income family, and lots of the women including me make even more than the husbands.  I get where you are coming from on the future thing, I have never really liked

     those titles, or the --'s mommy's either, but they also don't really bother me if others use them.

  • V, I think it was your title + the picture that took on the mocking tone. We have agreed to disagree years ago, and I think we do well with that.:)




  • I'm sitting here thinking about this and here's my thought:

    If she feels like I attacked her religion, then I did and I'm apologize for doing that, futurepastorswife.  Point blank, no other explanation.

    If she feels attacked b/c I don't agree with identifying yourself around your husband, I'm apologize for that, futurepastorwife.

    Doesn't change my beliefs about having a user name of "future", doesn't change my atheism and feminism.  I also don't think my beliefs are erroneous in this matter, so much as a belief system disagreement.

    I will avoid talking about people's usernames in the future.
  • @NOLABridesmaid Yes, you and my BFF are always my examples IRL.  My BFF is getting ready to go into seminary.  He was worried about telling me.  I still can't believe that.  

    But then again, I do eat those babies, you know.  ;)
  • I will say this. There are certain professions that a spouse does have to be sort of tied to. I'm thinking a doctor, military, and yes a pastor spouse have to have a certain tolerance of the other's profession. They can be in life and death and immediate situations that require the other to pick up more slack.
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  • *whispering* but is it their identity?  B/c I don't think either spouse should ever identify themselves by the other.
  • Whenever someone calls themselves so and so's wife, I imagine it said quickly and run together by Cotton Hill, like Hankswife.
  • *Thinks about changing name to "copswife"*

  • I could become mailmanswife, but we all know how you guys hate USPS, I would be run off! lol
  • *snort*  Most excellent, @pegasuskat!

  • I will say this. There are certain professions that a spouse does have to be sort of tied to. I'm thinking a doctor, military, and yes a pastor spouse have to have a certain tolerance of the other's profession. They can be in life and death and immediate situations that require the other to pick up more slack.
    Next controversial statement of the day (also, why can't I type outside of the quote box?)--this might be slightly part of my personal twitch w/ that sort of username specifically FOR this profession.  I think it's absolutely SHAMEFUL how pastors' spouses are treated by churches.  The fact that pastors' wives are essentially asked to take on a full time, unpaid gig and given a gender based, stifling role and expected to be on call 24-7 and give their job/life/everything completely up in order to take this unpaid gig is a disgrace and churches should be disgusted with themselves for doing this to people.
  • YES, GBCK, I completely agree.  And I think it's doubly shameful that these husbands don't give that the "hell no, quit bothering my wife, she has her own life."  Not truly loving your wife like the church or whatever, is it?
  • I am astonished at this post/thread.  Never mind if it was "eyerolling" or "tongue in cheek".  Its plain rude.  

    I also will not apologize for my username, or the fact that I am beyond excited to be marrying a Pastor.  Being the wife of a Pastor is no easy task.  But it is a task that I look forward to.  I also see nothing wrong with the image/picture with the umbrellas.  That is how God designed the family. The husband is to love the wife and family as Christ loves the Church.  You don't have to agree, especially if you don't believe there is a God.  If there isn't a God in your opinion, then I don't see the issue or how you can be offended by something that doesn't exist.

    I didn't ask you to agree with it.  I haven't hit anyone on the head with a Bible.  I don't have a scripture in my siggy.  I have done nothing but look for info/tips on planning my wedding to the man that I love and who happens to be a Pastor.

    People are always so "Be tolerant of my beliefs" while I stomp all over yours.  Not exactly what I would call tolerant. Tolerance is a two way street.  I will respect your desire to not agree with me, if you respect my desire not to agree with.  

    In general I stick to the rule of, if I wouldn't say it to someone's face, then I shouldn't say it on the internet...
    i find it annoying when people feel the need to state their religious beliefs or lack thereof as FACT. preface the highlighted statement with "I believe" and I take no issue. 

    It annoys me equally if a religious person or atheist is trying to force their beliefs on others. 

    @VarunaTT - i saw you posting this as trying to start trouble. @futurepastorswife didn't make any sort of religious posts, or tell you that you were some sort of heathen. so what if you don't like her sn? if she chooses to identify herself that way, what in the hell is it to you? I'm sure she didn't lurk on this board, establish that there was at least 1 athiest, and then create a SN to intentionally annoy you. 

    FWIW - I'm apathetic when it comes to religion. I don't care what other people believe as long as they don't try and push it on me. 
  • There are many pastor wives that are also pastors themselves. There are pastor wives that take on larger roles, but there are also pastor wives that don't. It depends on the church, pastor and his wife.
  • Oh, I admit I was making fun of someone who I thought I had a ridiculous name.  I didn't expect it to start a riot as it usually doesn't 99% of the time.  It also wasn't a poke at her religion, no matter how she feels.  The fact that I made her feel that way is what the apology for.

    And oh please.  This board has fun poking fun of unknown people all the damn time.  It wasn't "something" to me, it was an observation just like every other thing that we all post.
  • I roll my eyes at every user name that is "futuremrssoandso" I am totally with you on that. Also am not really religious at all. I just took issue with making a thread about a particular poster. I found that to be kind of a sneaky way to deal with finding the name annoying, esp when you know that you have a lot of connections on the board and the person you are booing for being on your turf is new. Ya know?

    @oface4eva I don't see what you referencing with people saying things about me but there are plenty of disagreements on the boards. I just took issue with making a post specifically to call someone out.

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