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Where are you at? Planning wise!


Re: Where are you at? Planning wise!

  • Feeling better about my progress. We have: Venue DJ Photographer Picking between two caterers soon... It hard with a blank canvass space...
  • Getting married 9.6.14. Already have booked the venue, caterer, photographer, florist, officiant, and wedding dress is ordered. My mom, fiance, and myself are all going to a wedding expo in January and that's where we hope to find our DJ. Thanks to my future brother in law our engagement photos are completed and save the dates are designed and we plan to order them after the new year.  Wedding colors are sage green and ivory.

    Can't wait to marry my best friend!

  • So excited to report more progress on my planning!  

    Make up is booked, trial is scheduled too!  Date is saved at my hair salon.  

    Finally got a list from my FMIL!!!

    Ordered my invitations/response cards & thank you cards from Wedding Paper Divas.  They are having the most amazing sale until this Tuesday 12/10.  25% off EVERYTHING!!  Use code: Best13.  I was so excited, I saved almost $150!!!!

    Now... still to get to a florist & videographer.  I feel like I'm in complete Christmas mode right now.
  • I am also a 9/19/2014 bride :)

    So far, FI and I have our venue, church, photographer, band, my dress, and we've each asked all of our bridal party members. We recently decided on a theme instead of colors, so the next big to-do so to speak is sending out our STDs (we have a lot of OOT family, so we want to send around the holidays so they can book their flights/hotels). We're having our engagement photos done this weekend so we'll use one of the resulting photos for our STDs. And now we're looking for a photobooth on the cheap to serve as some fun and double as our favors.

    I've started looking at bridesmaids dresses but no luck yet - trying to get a few of my girls together for a weekend day trip into NYC for brunch and some browsing, so that will be fun!

    Now that we've got all the really big decisions out of the way, this planning thing is much more fun!
  • Yay, another 9/19 bride! @mellyD2014
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  • I feel a little behind in comparison but...

    We got engaged Nov 2nd. Wedding is Sept 13th.

    We have:
    - Secured the venue.
    - Secured the photographer.
    - Secured the caterer.
    - I have my girls chosen and he has his guys.
    - Have talked to our bakery but haven't priced it all and tasted yet.
    - Guest list is done. I bought a little address book and got all the addresses we need.
    - DJ has been contacted and we are going to book as soon as we speak a little more to the venue next week to make sure we have it all planned out time-line wise.

    Dress hunting begins first week in February. I re-started Weight Watchers yesterday. I lost 20 lbs last year with WW (and kept it off!) but stopped after school and moving again.

    Girls weekend is Feb 22nd so we can dress hunt for my bridesmaids.

    We aren't doing a videographer just for price and the fact no one we know even watches their video. I wish we could just in case but we aren't going to. 

    It's so exciting but it seems like SO much more than we had thought.
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  • Great job on your weight loss @adnam08manda! I am also doing WW and have lost 5 lbs and hoping to lose 20-25 more by September.
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  • Oh yeah girl! Just stick to it. I even cheated but it took me about 3 months to lose 20 lbs. Just make sure you update daily like you should. I loved it. It really does help you realize how bad things can be for you. I invested in Smart Ones for work lunches, I eat Special K cereal, lots of veggies, and I try to get meat in there somewhere but sometimes that is tricky with WW and my lack of wanting to cook.
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  • I do the same with the smart ones or lean cuisine at work and then buy fruit to go with it or carrots. The hardest part for me is at night when I want to eat all the food.
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  • Exactly! I work 2nd shift so we have "lunch" at 5:30 but my day is normally waking up at 9a, eating breakfast, eating something small before work around 2, and then 5:30 lunch, but then when I get home at almost midnight I want the bad things. I want pasta or bread foods. I try to aim for an apple or something to just tie me over but it isn't fun or easy at all. I want to work 1st shift again so I can be on a normal eating schedule! I lost those first 20lbs when I was on 1st and it was much easier because I wasn't hungry and wanting to eat 4 normal meals a day.
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  • Girls, I am so happy to hear all the successes you've had using WW.  I am going to start WW next week and I am super nervous.  I am looking to lose 25 lbs or so.  I am the WORST when it comes to chocolate, desserts, etc.  But I never want to look back at my wedding pictures and say, "Wow, you could have lost a few lbs!"
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  • Exactly. The way we see ourselves is not important to other people but I know I personally look at pictures I'm tagged in on FB that other people take and all I can think is "good lord my face is fat" and I don't want to feel that way about my forever wedding photos. I take great selfies though!
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  • @adnam08manda This made me crack up!  This is EXACTLY how I feel.  I always say the same thing about my face.  And the selfies thing...YES.  ME TOO.  I am glad to know I am not alone!!  We can do it!
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  • I am feeling really good with all my progress.  Got my dress and the dj this weekend!  Also ordered save the dates and are just about done finalizing the guest list I also signed up for weight watchers, hoping to lose 20 lbs by the wedding.  My dress is very flattering and I don't think I would need to get it altered much if I do lose the weight.  We are going to meet with our chef after new years to finalize our menu. I feel like I can relax now and focus on the fun details, I am planning on a lot of DIY decorations!
  • @Cole125 Sounds like you've made good progress!  I think I saw you over on the Getting in Shape board...I am signing up for WW as well, and can't wait to start, although I am a little anxious.  Do you have a theme for your wedding?  I am trying to do some DIY decorations too! 
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  • I feel so behind reading all of you guys progress. So far I have secured the venue and designed my save the date cards. I have not ordered them yet, I have decided on my maid of honor and she he's accepted. We have started to put together our website.
  • I am majorly behind compared to you girls! My wedding is 9/27/14 but it will be simple and small, so I'm not concerned.  I have the ceremony & reception venue, some reception decorations purchased (lights and mason jars), invitations are designed and lots of other decisions made.  Now that the holidays are over, it's time to make lots of progress:)
  • @dpelkey724 Thanks! I do feel like I've made a lot of progress pretty quickly. I was checking out the Getting in Shape board, the more support I can get with ww the better. I'm doing it online and I've found it helpful in the past to connect with other people doing it too.

    As for a theme we are going with fallish decorations and I think playing up our venue which is a microbrewery. We got a couple gift cards for craft stores for Christmas so I am excited to start some projects, not sure where exactly to start yet though.

    For everyone feeling behind, try not to worry. Things came together really quickly once I put my mind to it
  • @Cole125 I agree with the DIY stuff...I don't know where to start!  I've been finding pictures of things I want to do and saving the pictures and links to how to do them to a Word Document.  That's awesome about the gift cards!!  Good luck!
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    Wow...I am so behind and I've only been engaged a little over a week! :) We're getting married on 9/20/14.

    So far, we have the venue and my bridesmaids. Caterer and photographers have been emailed. Still haven't started on talking to bands/DJs. I thought about doing playlists for the music but it would be something someone would have to keep track off for special songs and switching between ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception...and that's if the sound system works!

    My mom, MOH (sister) and I are going to look at dresses on Tuesday.
  • @kirby400, first,  Congrats!   Being newly engaged & having your venue booked is awesome!   You've also reached out to 2 other key vendors. I'd say you're off to a good start!   Just so you know, this is considered a slow time for vendors, according to those I've spoken to.   It is a great time to be able to make appointments on weekends.  My entire January is filled with appointments with all our vendors. Starting with our photographer tomorrow. I feel like I'm in wedding overdrive, but after this, meetings won't happen until closer to the big day. 
  • @HH2Be, it's so funny you mentioned that, I feel the same way!  I am booked with wedding appointments for the next 3 weekends.  But I keep telling myself...once these are done, I have some time before our final meetings!  Phew!
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  • It was so nice to have a break over the holidays, but we are gearing up again!!

    Just booked videographer, going to look at furniture Friday and FI is working out details with our band (we're adding an hour to our reception).

    And I love WW. I lost 29 lbs. on it last year and have only gained back about 3 from when I stopped (about six months ago). I am back on it so I can be ready to be fitted for my dress when it comes in in Feb. which is also when we will start looking at BM dresses.

    Hope you ladies have a great week!

  • @HH2b Thanks for the encouragement! It has helped that my friend got married in October so I know some good vendors, but I'm trying to keep costs down too. It's amazing how much all this costs!

  • Got engaged last May 2013 but the wedding is Sept 20, 2014! So far we have

    Church & officiant
    Venue & caterer
    My dress (in my possession!!)
    Partial guest list (waiting for the in-law side)
    Bridal party chosen and accepted
    Bridesmaids dresses (they picked out their own)
    Save the Dates (partially done)
    DJ chosen (deposit to be paid)
    Colours: Neutrals with peachy pink and grey 
    Some decor : bunting, centrepieces started!

    I still feel like there is so much to do! Need addresses for all our guests but my fiancé is hand delivering his friends invites. He always has some input but never volunteers it I always have to pester him with questions and pictures to see what he likes. That's the annoying part! 

    My problem is our small church only holds about 100 people! The church lady assured me they could somehow fit our 180+ guests. Do you think its ok to not invite people to the actual ceremony due to space constraint. 

    thanks in advance ladies!
  • Got engaged last May 2013 but the wedding is Sept 20, 2014! So far we have

    My problem is our small church only holds about 100 people! The church lady assured me they could somehow fit our 180+ guests. Do you think its ok to not invite people to the actual ceremony due to space constraint. 

    thanks in advance ladies!
    You need to make sure everyone has a seat.  Can other chairs be added?  Are lots out of town and unlikely to come?  I don't remember standard percentages for rsvps, but you'd want to check on that.  You will lose some people for the reception after the ceremony if it's evening, but you will want to make sure everyone invited gets to sit!

  • My problem is our small church only holds about 100 people! The church lady assured me they could somehow fit our 180+ guests. Do you think its ok to not invite people to the actual ceremony due to space constraint. 

    thanks in advance ladies!
    No, this is considered rude to a) not have enough seats for all your guests and b) to only invite some people to the reception only and not your ceremony. It's called a tiered reception.

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  • I took a break over the holidays too. I am stressed over the cost of everything. LOL. I need to get back into gear. 9/27/14 will be here before I know it.  I have booked:

    - Church and Reception Venue (Hickory Street Annex in Dallas)
    - DJ
    - Wedding Planner
    - Caterer
    - Makeup and Hair @kasmith1 did you have any trouble finding hair and makeup in Dallas? Apparently there is a big makeup convention that day and my girl had to work around it to be able to do my wedding party. Eeek!

    - I have my dress

    I still need flowers, cake, decor, photographer, etc. We are going bridesmaid dress shopping in two weeks and there is a Dallas bridal show this weekend I am going to look for hair pieces, flowers, photographers, etc. 

  • Kdwhitley81 We have the same wedding day!!  :)

    I haven't found hair/makeup people yet, but I'm starting to look. Is your wedding in the evening or during the day? We're doing brunch wedding. I love the Hickory Street Annex, it is so neat, we looked there. Maybe I should check out that Bridal show you are talking about...
    Good luck!

  • @kasmith1 Yes I noticed we were the same day. Our wedding is that evening. My hair / makeup girl told me the makeup show NEVER comes to Dallas and that most hair and makeup people will probably be attending. Luckily she said they would come to us if they could come early. They are doing all of ours at noon. I hope it lasts!! :) The bridal show is at Dallas Market Hall this Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 5pm. It is supposed to be one of their biggest shows. So I will go. There may be something I just have to have. :) I am still working on a few vendors too and they said sometimes they offer show discounts.
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