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Where are you at? Planning wise!

Hey ladies!


I see there's some random posts with planning items that everyone has completed or is working on so I thought I'd start a thread to see where everyone is at.


We are getting married September 19, 2014. So far I've completed:

- Venue booked

- Photographer booked

- Dress bought (David's Bridal)

-Picked my bridesmaids (I read it still is too early to do this but, I couldn't help myself!)

-Decided on colors: red, white, & black

Tonight we are going to meet with a potential caterer. I'm so happy FI was able to talk with him and knock his prices down a bit. We are inviting about 110 people but, I'm assuming 85-90 people will make it since a portion of our guest list is from OOT.

I'm also waiting for my parents to give me a final list guest list and then hopefully I can order our STDs by the end of this month. I'm also browsing around online for BM dresses here and there but, don't suspect that we will order or go look for any of them until next year around March or April. David's Bridal told me I should have my BMs pick their dresses out in December! Does anyone else think that's way too early? You don't know what your body will be like 10-9 months out so I just found it odd. I'm assuming they just really want to make a sale.

Okay, where is everyone else at?

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Re: Where are you at? Planning wise!

  • Our date is 9-6-14 and here's what we've got done so far:
    • Venue & Caterer booked
    • Photographer booked
    • DJ booked
    • Officiant booked
    • Wedding party finalized
    • Colors picked out 
    I am going dress shopping on 11/11 to hopefully find my dress, but trying to not get my hopes up too much if I don't fall in love with one just yet. As far as bridesmaid dresses, I too was going to wait just a bit for that yet. I think we still have quite a bit of time for that. Interested to see what others think about that, though! 
  • Our date is 9/27/14. So far:

    Hall booked/deposit down
    Photographer booked/deposit down
    Church booked, classes started
    Wedding party finalized
    Colors sort of picked out
    Florist booked (it's my best friend's mom - who is doing our flowers for free as a wedding gift!!!)
  • Simky906Simky906 member
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    9/6/14 here too! We have booked the venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ and one of our officiants (my minister grandfather). Just got contact info for a cantor today and hope to set up a meeting with him soon. We also set up our wedding website, picked out our colors (green, black and ivory), have the guest list and wedding party finalized and I have my dress (also from David's). We're ordering STD's this week so we can take our time addressing them and plan to actually send them out in January. David's told me the same thing about bridesmaids dresses but we're going to wait until February or March to shop for them. My next task is finding a florist. I'm planning on starting that search in the next couple weeks. ETA: Apologies for the block of text; my iPad won't do paragraph breaks.
  • My Date is 9/27/14. So far we have:

    • Reception Venue Booked
    • Church Booked
    • Wedding Planner Booked
    • DJ Booked
    • Wedding Dress Ordered (takes 5-6 months to come in and then another 2 months for alterations)
    • Wedding Shoes Ordered (hopefully the come in soon) :)
    • Wedding Party Picked
    • Colors (champagne, black and white)
    • Meeting with one caterer tonight and the other next week

    We are going bridesmaid dress shopping in January. Their dresses take 3-4 months to come in as well and then another couple months if they need alterations so January is pushing it in my opinion.

    We just have the flowers, invitations, photographer and cake left as well as the decorations and the grooms attire. We are getting there :)

  • Sounds like everyone has done a lot! @Kdwhitley81 where are you thinking of buying your BM dresses?

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  • We got mine at Lulus so we will get theirs there or at Stardust Celebrations so we can get the discount.
  • I'm getting married 9/13/14.  So far, I've:
    • booked venue
    • will book photographer this weekend
    • bought dress (David's Bridal)
    • picked out colors
    • booked officiants
    • "proposed" to bridesmaids
    • church booked

    I pretty know which limo service I'm going to pick.  I also know I'm going DIY my invitations.  I plan to get a sample next weekend and do a mock invite to see how it will turn out.  I also know that a friend is trying to get into the florist business. I saw a pic of a wedding she did and it turned out amazing. I plan to ask her soon if she's available next year.

    I'm exited about how well things are coming along. One of the things I'm really concentrating on now is getting in shape.  That's been one of the hardest things so far.

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  • Another September 6 wedding here! Venue booked and paid for, caterer booked (must use the venue's), church and officiant reserved, wedding party chosen, colors picked (sapphire blue and silver with pink flowers), BM dresses chosen (Ann Taylor jersey dresses, hopefully when another 50% off offer happens!), florist booked, invite design chosen, engagement pics taken. We'll be ordering STD's as soon as our engagement pics come back in about a week. I'll be dress shopping in January and can't wait!!!
  • @NilDap2014 I feel you on that one. I thought finding my dress would spark me to keep up on my diet but, it hasn't lol. I know one the holidays are over it'll be way easier to stay focused.


    Is anyone planning on getting their flowers from Costco or Sam's Club? Just wondering if this is an okay route to go. I only really set aside $350 for flowers and not sure if I can find a florist for that cheap. I did find them in that ball park on Costco's website though.

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  • So far we've got 
    -venue & wedding party accommodations 
    -Wedding party 
    -table centerpieces 
    -Wedding dress bought and hanging in my closet for the last year
    -bridesmaid and flower girl dresses picked out, but not ordered. (Still trying to decide which color I want the BM dress in) 
    -all the colors, ideas, most details, etc. are picked it's just a matter of ordering things and finding where we can get the best prices.
  • Hey September ladies!

    We're getting married Sept. 27th. (In Dallas, I think there's other Dallas girls in here!)
    So far we have booked:
    -Venue (this includes caterer)
    -Band (FH wants a specific band, so we booked immediately)
    -Invitation designer

    Other things I've done:
    -Bought my dress (We found it at our second stop!)
    -Asked BM/GM
    -Started our website
    -Colors picked

    I think this is enough until after the holidays. I told my friends/family/vendors we would start back up after the new year.

  • It seems like we all are on the same page!

    We're getting married Sept 21st.
    So far we have booked:
    -The venue (for ceremony and reception)
    -Photographer (just did our engagement pictures 3 weeks ago)
    -Officiant (we are meeting him this Monday)
    -Wedding Dress Shopping tomorrow
    -Cake tasting scheduled for December

    And I also agree, I am slowing down until after the holidays!  So much going on!
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  • venue for reception (caterer on site so finalizing meals is next year at taste testing"
    wedding dress
    bridal party
    invitation designer
    some decorations
    guest list
    save the dates

    narrowed it down to two cake places. narrowed selection for bridesmaid dresses but girls will not purchase until next year due to pregnancy and weight fluctuations.
  • Aghghgh!!  I feel like I am running behind!  9/20/14 girl here.  So far I have:
    • Venue
    • Caterer - tasting this weekend for menu choices
    • Photographer
    • Officiant
    • Save the dates done; invitations chosen
    • Dress bought!
    • Baker selected, choosing cake in January
    We are presently working on the musician.  I have a #1 and a #2 choice.  I LOVE #1's music but he has been a little less responsive than #2, so we will see what happens.  We are going with live acoustic guitar/singing for most of it, and then probably just an ipod for the last 2 hours.  We are only having a small family/close friends (40 people) affair.  Also, our 'bridal party' consists of my children, so I really only need to find a special dress for my daughter, my MOH. :)

    Once we get the musician pinned down, I will start on decor and fun stuff!  Yay!
  • Our wedding is on September 14th.  

    So far we have-

    -venue (includes food&drinks)
    -ceremony musicians
    -wedding dress
    -bridal party

    We've been doing a lot of research but feel a little stuck when it comes to booking vendors.  Does anyone feel that panic too?  I just want to make sure we find the best offers for the services out there.  Phew!
  • Everyone has made such good progress. So far, we only have our venue, STDs, and hired a wedding coordinator. However, we will not have a bridal party, so that's not a concern right now!
  • I feel super stuck on our cater & picking a florist, @Abilger7. We have 1 caterer in mind but, my FI wants to shop around still. It's kinda frustrating!
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  • Abilger7 said:
    Our wedding is on September 14th.  

    So far we have-

    -venue (includes food&drinks)
    -ceremony musicians
    -wedding dress
    -bridal party

    We've been doing a lot of research but feel a little stuck when it comes to booking vendors.  Does anyone feel that panic too?  I just want to make sure we find the best offers for the services out there.  Phew!
    Go with your gut feeling. I find if you start looking at too many options you will be overwhelmed and won't make a decision. Contracts and deposits (especially if it is a large amount) can be daunting.
  • @kellybeans14 It doesn't sound like you are behind but I feel the same way. Our date is also 9/20/14.
    We have the site for our reception and ceremony set and they will do the food - we have nothing in writing though, it is pretty casual and my parents are friends with the owner but it is stressing me out a little bit.
    We think we know who will be our officiant
    We are going to ask a friend to do the photography
    I'm hoping to go dress shopping next weekend

    We aren't having a bridal party so nothing to worry about there.  We just got engaged last month, it feels overwhelming planning everything.  It seems like you really need to have everything booked in advance!
  • Couggal12 said:
    I feel super stuck on our cater & picking a florist, @Abilger7. We have 1 caterer in mind but, my FI wants to shop around still. It's kinda frustrating!
    I'm feeling stuck on a florist too!  I feel so overwhelmed at the thought.  I've gotten some good recommendations on my local boards, so at least it is a starting point.  I plan to work on finalizing the florist after the holidays.  

    Other than that, I'm 9/26, and have:
    Venue (includes food/drink, tasting in late spring/early summer), will pick cake in the Spring (baker associated with venue)
    Photographer booked/deposit, will meet with after the insanity of the holidays
    DJ booked/deposit, will meet with after holidays
    Just bought my dress!!!
    Bridal party picked.. well girls at least
    Save the dates done, being sent in the beginning of January
    Have sample invitations, need to make choice, but waiting on finalized list from FI's mom
    Checked into ceremony musicians, but may just use DJ

    Just need a videographer too.  Will start looking for bridesmaid dresses in Jan/Feb.  My girls are excited & that makes me happy!

  • @HH2Be Good for you!  I girls are so excited, and that makes me feel relieved and happy they are willing to take on all the duties of being in a wedding!  Best of luck!
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  • @HH2Be, I'm a 9/26 bride as well! Actually sounds like we're at similar places in planning, too, which makes me feel a bit at ease :)

    I'm now onto officiant and florist, which both seem daunting. We're finishing up our STD's, which we're also planning on sending out in Jan. Bridesmaid dress shopping is also planned for Jan/Feb!

    Hope you're having fun! This ish gets overwhelming, even when you take it a step at a time!
  • Hello all! I'm September 20, 2014... So far I have....

    -Venue (includes caterer&cake)
    -Wedding Party
    -Starting to plan the Honeymoon

    lol I am way behind apparently!!! Starting to really freak out, When I booked the venue I had over a year. It feels like time is going by so so so fast!!!

    Anyway, I need a photographer to take some engagement photos for the Save the Dates (I'm sorry, I know it's internet wedding lingo but I will never be able to write STD instead of Save the Date haha)

    I have to say, I always thought everyone was exaggerating when they talked about wedding stress, but I'm really starting to freak out!!
  • HH2BeHH2Be member
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    @AshleyNicole1218I'm happy to hear we are right about at the same point!  Can't believe it is 10 months today!

    I feel I got lucky finding my officiant.  My friend recommended the place where she found hers, so I checked them out.  I also checked out local officiants here on The Knot, I happened to see an officiant who I felt would be a good fit.  I checked out her website & really just got a good vibe from her.  We set up a video conference & I really seemed to click with her!

    The only part that is stressing me is the lack of cooperation from FMIL in getting me an actual guest list!  I'm sure as things get closer & the little things start popping up I'll stress out more.  But I'm a teacher, so long range planning & working within a time frame is my life!  And I'll have the summer to work out all the little things, or at least  keep telling myself!
  • @HH2Be - i know, time is flyingggg! We booked our venue in March and I was whining the date was so far away. Noe i'm like, woah, back it up, I need more time to arrange everything!

    Glad to hear you found an officiant! I started looking a month or two ago and have honestly been dreading it so much I have not made a single call! Its so important to me that we find someone who clicks with us, like you said, so I better get on it.

    Hopefully your FMIL will start cooperating a bit more. I'm sure it's been a bit difficult to plan without a finalized list! We honestly didn't give fam a chance to give us a list. We put one together and gave it to each set and said, if someone is not on this list and should be, let us know and we'll discuss. We're paying for all of the wedding (other than monetary engagement gifts from my side) so I personally felt no one should dictate our lists. We'll see howthat works out for us, lol.

    Please keep me updated on your progress! You're the first one I've meet on here getting married on 9/26. Makes me happy! :)
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    We live in MD getting married in Savannah, GA 
    Our date is 9-13-14

    • i have our venue booked
    • saved the dates are going out in the christmas cards
    • BM picked 
    • dress shopping for my dress and bm
    • wedding planner hired 
    • colors picked 
    • guest list that i am trying to cut down
    • website is started, need to finish before the std go out
    • registries are set up just need to add to it 
    we are going down to visit the venue, get our license and check out dj, photog, mua/hair when we go down in the spring 
    and i just lost my job oh joy... lol 
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  • PA bride here. We are getting married 9/27/2014 and so far we have:

    • Venue
    • Photographer
    • Caterer
    • DJ (contract is in the mail!)
    • Final guest list determined
    • Officiant
    • Bridal party chosen and asked
    • Website
    • Cake is pretty much decided on, but no deposit down yet.
    • Centerpieces chosen and all the elements purchased

    I haven't been able to find The Dress yet, but I am hoping to do that this month, so that I can get the bridesmaids dresses early next year. They said I just need to order by March, so I have a little of time. I also need to pick a florist, but it appears everyone else is having the same issues. I just don't see the point in spending a ton of money on flowers that are going to die. I may have my bouquet and the bouts from a florist and then DIY the girls' flowers from Costco or Sam's.

  • fungrl97fungrl97 member
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    I've got quite a bit of the "big planning" done.

    Venue / Caterer is picked and the deposit + 1 payment is paid

    Photographer is picked and deposit paid

    Engagement Photos are done and in our possession

    Dress is purchased and half paid for - waiting for it to come in in a few months to do the rest

    Final Guest List is created -  but we're still working on addresses.

    Bridal Party is picked and I know the parameters of what they will be wearing, but haven't formally told them that yet

    We have the Save the Dates in our possession but are waiting a bit to send them out

    We know what type of invites we want to order

    We've called a few hotels, DJs and florists to get price quotes but haven't fully decided on any of those yet.
  • Any flowers we do will be silk I love flowers but the cost for one day Yeah silk it is lol
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  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    I'm feeling a little behind :\  We got engaged Sunday 12/1 and started planning that night since we only have 9 months until the wedding (9/6/2014). I just want to get as much done as I can as quickly as I can. So far we have done...

    - Guest List
    -Bridal Party
    - We're looking at the venue tomorrow and hopefully putting down the deposit
    - Photographer
    - Ceremony Musician and Reception Band
    - Officiant
    - Colors picked
    - Waiting on our Save the Date pictures to come back so we can make the cards and send them out
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