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Be careful with the gift table!

Just a warning! When I got back from a weekend away after my wedding this weekend, I found that there must have been a mixup between cards and gifts because we had two gifts without cards or names on them. I have no clue who bought us these so I'm stressing about writing thank you notes. I am going to try process of elimination and calling the store. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Re: Be careful with the gift table!

  • Are these gifts from a registry? Do they have a thank you card manager or list of who bought what?
  • Yes they are. And thank you so much! I didn't know that they had thank you card managers. I just looked at Macys and one of the two I just found!
  • Yeah Macys is so great! I haven't used the feature yet since we get married Saturday but I'm happy we registered there
  • I just talked to someone at BBB and since the gifts wre purchased in the store they couldn't tell me. They did narrow it down a little bc they were able to tell me the city the gifts were purchased.
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