Need help finding cheap venue!

We are looking to get married next august or september. We will have 50-80 people (Several flying in from cali). I'm hoping to have a 5k budget for EVERYTHING (flowers, dress, DJ, photography, food, venue, etc). I have looked at several places but most  are either too big or too small or are out in the middle of no where which is too far from those flying in from cali to drive to from Atlanta airport (don't want them to have to drive 2-3 hours out into the country and not really get to see any of Ga while here). What is avg prices for DJ, photography because I"m finding about 1,000 each.

Re: Need help finding cheap venue!

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    Our DJ is costing us $700 total but we also are using him for an extra hour and he is letting us use some equipment for our Pastor. His name is DJ Dre 1800 and he is out of Atlanta and will travel to the surrounding areas as well. 
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    Dre is awesome. I have been to two weddings that he has DJ'd at and everyone loved him. He actually participates with the crowd to get them going. You can't go wrong with the price either.
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    Check out Roswell River Landing or Roswell Historic Cottage. If you want cheap Photography you may have to hire someone with less experience. If found one through a friend and she has been a second photographer for awhile but is now breaking away on her own and her pictures are great! Her name is Shayla Owens and just look up Shayla Owens photography. Also, I've found if you look into photographers that more so focus on newborn or maternity they may want to expand their portfolio and will do weddings cheaper than most. 
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