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Post Wedding Vent

So I am finally married to my best friend... but that is about the only thing that went right on our wedding day.

Absolutely nothing went right... The linens we ordered were all wrong and the linen company didn't even have the ones we needed, so we had to go somewhere else last minute and pay a ton of money... The tux place wouldn't give out-of-towners their tuxs, and completely messed up all the orders. My DH didn't even have the correct tux until a little over an hour before the wedding... My mother was an hour late to help set-up... My hair was not at all how I wanted it, even after her redoing it and we couldn't do anything about it because everything was running so late... Parents/G-parents decided just to start getting seated before they were supposed to.... One of the catering staff decided not to show up, so there was one person preparing the food for our guests.... The bartender (a friend we hired) decided not to bartend and mingle with everyone instead, so a couple of other friends had to step in and bartend...

All in all... It was one of the most stressful days of my life... And all I can think about as a sit here at work is 1) I hope the pictures look okay (especially with my  hair) 2) I hope I don't see anyone at work, that way I don't have to relive how disasterous my wedding was when they ask how everything went...

So sorry to vent... I guess I'm just still upset with how everything went

Re: Post Wedding Vent

  • I'm sure the pictures will be beautiful - the happiness of marrying your husband will shine through everything!
  • Vent away, but remember the most important thing is that you and hubby are finally hitched.  I get married in 4 days...I am sure I will have some venting to do afterwards. 

    Try to remember the positives of your wedding day as well. 

    It sounds like you have some fabulous friends who decided to "step-up" when they were needed.  Focus on those people instead of the negatives.  I know it may be tough to do. 

    It could have been worse as well.  My sister had to pay damages when several of the groomsmen got drunk and destroyed a suit of armor and 200 year old urn at her wedding.  Additionally, several of her wedding presents were stolen by a member of the reception staff and were never recovered.  Even though the reception venue found the problem and fired that particular staff member she never got to file charges since they refused to tell her which member of their staff was a thief. 

  • That sucks, sorry you had that experience. Here's to a happy married life :-)
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  • I am sure you will look beautiful in all your pictures and most importantly you are married :)

    What I realized is that nobody knows what you had planned so everything seems like it's right to them. It sounds like even though it didn't go perfectly as planned that everything pulled together in the end. 
  • I'm sure you looked beautiful.  And you got the most important part right.  You're married!  In time you'll look back on this and laugh and realize that you were probably the only one who noticed and cared.  I promise.

    Congrats on your big day.  I can't wait to see your pictures.
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