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Desert Glamour.... Canceling all weddings after Jan. 1!!

Ahhhh! Whitney is moving to Seattle! She just sent me an email and I also received a refund notice for my deposit.

I need a new HMUA for April 13... A Sunday! Help! Not everyone works on Sunday.

Can anybody recommend another company or artist with similar pricing?

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Re: Desert Glamour.... Canceling all weddings after Jan. 1!!

  • Ally, I just posted the same thing! I can't believe this is happening to us! I am also a Sunday, the one the week before you, so I am going to lurk on this post because I have the same question and I am freaking out! 
  • Waaaaaah! I want airbrush makeup nowwwwww!
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  • I'm in the same boat- unneeded stress!!! I feel for the ladies that are only a month or two out and need to scramble (so I guess we could be a worse position).

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  • Makeup in the 702 was awesome! I got married on a sunday as well. They do airbrush and also give you a full size lipstick or gloss and lashes.
  • I can also recommend Leiv Agency. Particularly Leila and Marissa for hair and make up.

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  • Makeup in the 702 was awesome! I got married on a sunday as well. They do airbrush and also give you a full size lipstick or gloss and lashes.
    Hi Kira - I just sent you a PM. I had emailed 702 earlier tonight and have a few questions about your experience (in addition to what you had in your review)

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  • I have been looking since last night and I am having a difficult time finding anyone in the comparable price range....everyone I have quoted so far is like literally 80 bucks more for me and 50 more for each of my party....oh man...
  • I'm not sure what the pricing difference is but I'm booked with Beauty by Bri. Her communication is great and she does airbrush as well as lashes.
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  • Im actually talking to her right now Shoebunnie, so thanks! I have to mull it over because I have one other person and they are like pretty much neck and neck with pricing, so I just don't know what route to go- has anyone ever used or heard of anyone using Angie Lum?
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    This is awful, so sorry for you guys! @allyido - I have a stylist from Make-up in the 702 booked for my HMU trial on Sunday 13th at 10am but they have quite a few on staff so I'm sure they probably have someone available, they do airbrush and I thought their prices were good, and their communication has been great!

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  • Just had a great conversation with Megan from Makeup in the 702. She sent over a proposal and her rates are just way too high. I can't afford $200 a head for me and the bridesmaids. Too bad they sound fantastic! I did reach out to Angie as requested by Whitney. Her rates are much more manageable and I think we will probably end up going with her.
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  • I am with you too @AllyIDo- I just can't afford the other rates in that range. I am also talking to Bri to see what can be done that route, but I may have to go with Angie. I just wish I could find some more reviews of her work, etc. as I haven't heard much about her on here.
  • Sorry this is happening to you all. I am also booked with beauty by Bri. She has been fantastic.
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  • Can you share a ballpark price for Bri? She hasn't responded to me.
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    I have her pricing list if you want it Ally, just PM me your email

    As much as she has been a doll and responsive (more than Angie has been so far), I still think I won't be able to afford Bri, so I think I am going to have to go with Angie. I have looked at her work and it looks great and the pricing works well with her discount, but I am a bit scared due to the lack of response/lack of reviews on wedding services

  • I did a group rate, which was cheaper but I don't have her current list. I have her list from a few months ago before her increase.

    I do know that she does have a full time job at Dior. So she is probably just busy with work. :)
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  • I think I'm paying 330ish for my HMU with airbrush and lashes, a trial, and hair for my sister.
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  • Yeah, her rates are definitely more now, so you girls are lucky you got her when you did- I was quoted somewhere between 450-550 for the our group of 3 hmu and one makeup
  • This makes me so sad. I used her for my wedding and my anniversary and planned on using her everytime went back. I hope you ladies can find someone who can take care of you.
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  • Thanks! I decided to book with Angie Lum, the person Whitney referred her brides to because she was able to keep the package within 20 dollars for the same things and I already had my budget in place on this. I really loved Bri and her communication, but I just couldn't make the pricing work for our group unfortunately.  I am a bit nervous since I haven't heard anything about Angie, but her work seems pretty nice and she seems friendly enough, so I guess we will see!
  • There's also francesca lombardi or something like that--think vegas groom's wife had makeup done by her.

    Wedding wire has a ton of m/u artists.

    A person I loved was Harmony Medina.  She wasn't available on a Sunday, so I didn't book with her. 
    I also considered stevie Daniels.
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    Oh no! So sorry to hear about this. I feel like this time of year is when I'm seeing all sorts of announcements like this.

    I'm booked with Amelia C and Co - have had an awesome and professional experience with them so far! I think they are not super cheap, though - $200 for my hair & makeup but includes airbrush and lashes if I want them. Trial is another $150. Hair and makeup for others is $80 for either/$160 for both.

    Don't forget to check Facebook photos! This was really helpful for my search, as I could see what "style" the HMUA had and which ones were more my taste.
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  • How frustrating! I have gone for glam squad, great email comms so far and only $135 for HMU with extra $25 for air brush MU that I will go for. Seems to get good reviews on here and website good, as long as you know what you want I'm sure you will find someone, good luck!
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