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Ok this is my story and im sticking to it (R KELLY VOICE)  we will take some epics in Jan (hopefully ill lose a few pounds by then) and we will get married on June 27th at one of the local courthouses, i told my photographer i want to take pics that day after the courthouse simply to capture the moment (unfortunately i wont be in my wedding dress but best believe ill be dressed to the gawds-anywho lol) the next day June 28th we will have a reception dinner with about 50-60 guests.. I told my caterer so hes on board but my planner wellllll shes not to on board with this because its not a wedding over 5 or 10k she may not be there to decorate, considering i dont need a coordinator all i need is someone to decorate i may have to see what she can or cant do with the money ive already given her... That day i will wear my dress and he will wear a very nice suit and we will enjoy with family and friends but since my photgrapher wont be there i just remembered the Mr's aunt takes photos on the side so there will be a photog on that day as well.... 

Im excited im getting things together, i dont need a bridal party and im not gonna stress about getting dressed at a hotel and whatnot we can get dressed at home together but i honestly cant wait!!!
sorry if this seems long i just wanted to keep you ladies updated!!!


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