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Hey 11/16 Brides!

Wow, hard to believe the big day is over and we are now a Mrs.! People keep reminding me I'm Mrs. H now instead of Miss V! Name is changed on Facebook and it was weird, although I'm sure I will get used to it! Congrats to all of the November brides!

Re: Hey 11/16 Brides!

  • It sure is strange thinking of myself as a Mrs. :) Yesterday while at Disneyland, my husband and I were going to go on a ride, he changed his mind at the last minute, and decided to wait for me at the ride exit. As I was getting seated, the lady that was in front of me asked "where's your husband?" That was strange to hear, not boyfriend or fiancé, but husband. We have husbands now!


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  • @flutterfly88 did you get the "Just Married" pins at Disneyland? We went there on our honeymoon last weekend :)
  • Yes we did, we also got the "happily ever after" pins, and we got the bride and groom mouse ears. My DH didn't want them, but did it for me :) They also embroidered them with Mr and Mrs lastname and wedding date (for free).


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  • @flutterfly88 how fun! Yeah, we did Mikey ears too :) It was so cool how literally every employee said congratulations. We had never been when there was Holiday decorations so we loved it. 
  • LincolnElizabethH I got married 11/9 but it's still crazy to be a Mrs. I got so excited the first time I told some one this is my husband (it was an employee at a clothing store and I said I was waiting for my husband). I love being married! I am still figuring out how to sign my name though. 
  • Ahhhh can you believe it has come and gone? Congrats on all your recent weddings! 
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