Lighthouse Point Without Gates?

Does anyone happen to have a photograph of Lighthouse Point Park Carousel building with the outer gates removed? We are interested in having an open-air style reception in the park, and while they don't allow dinners to be set up on the lawn, the site coordinator suggested that we remove the outer gates on the two sides of the building to create an open-air feeling. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any photographs of the building with the "gates" removed. I've been to many events at the Carousel but have never seen anything with the pavilion opened up like she describes. The only gates I remember seeing there are the gates inside surrounding the carousel, and I never noticed that the wood panels under the windows are supposedly removable. Has anyone attended a wedding at Lighthouse Point with this set-up? Any photos or descriptions you could provide to help me visualize this would be most appreciated.

Re: Lighthouse Point Without Gates?

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