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Wedding planning was going great until....

Venue-- Check
Dress-- Check
Bridal Party-- Check
Groomsmen-- Check
Florist-- Check
DJ-- Check
Officiant-- Check

Photographer & Video-- well it was a "CHECK"" until yesterday.  My mom set up for me to meet this guy since he was an acquaintance of hers.  He seemed wonderful travels all over the world to shoot all kinds of things from weddings to sports and theater. My fiance wasn't able to make the meeting but I decided to go with my gut and hire him.  My mom was with me that day of the meeting an since I live in North San Diego it was more convenient for them to set up payment arrangements.  They decided to do monthly payments. For the first few months I reached out a couple times to try to set up a time to meet with him and my fiance on the weekends.  I was very upfront during the original meeting that it would have to be sat or sun evening, but he would always try to set up during the week. I got into a car accident 6 weeks ago so wedding planning was put on hold to deal with buying a new car and medical things.  In the meantime my mom started to get more busy and we agreed I would start to mail him a check each month, but no specific date of the month was set for payment. He sent me several text/emails about payment when it hadn't been but 2 weeks since the last payment from my mom.  I just started getting a weird vibe from him that he only saw us as a pay day and didn't have a passion for making our day special.. I decided to fire him and now back at square one.  So moral of my post..... I need help finding a photographer.  any suggestions?

Thanks :)

Re: Wedding planning was going great until....

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